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  1. Parsons Double Handle Mug with Lid
    Parsons Double Handle Mug with Lid

    Parsons Double Handle Mug with Lid

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Active Daily Living Equipment Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for ADL equipment, or daily living aids for the elderly, or something similar, has got you covered. We are a leading supplier of living aid equipment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other prime locations in the UAE. We help people in need and those who cannot function to perform daily tasks. It can be due to the disability, accident, age, or any other surgical reason. We aim to provide the best health care products and services to the people in need.

Popular Daily Living Equipment by Category

Oral care

Keep your denture and gums healthy. Buy from a range of oral care products including denture brushes with suctions cups. Our range is comprehensive and can help people choose easily. Mechanical or electric toothbrush? We have it all!

Home accessories

We make sure disability doesn’t restrict you from enjoying life. Our disability aids for daily living collection has got walking sticks, wander alarms, walking stick clips, wheelchair safety belts, wheelchair ramps, and much more. Leaving an elderly or a disabled person at home is risky. These home accessories can help you assure their safety.

Low Vision

Overcome low vision challenges with an array of living aids available with us. Top-selling products include magnifiers, colored utensils, and cutlery. These devices can help people with compromised vision to perform life their day-to-day activities.

Dressing Aids

Our daily living aids for the elderly include a dressing stick, shoehorn, pantyhose aid, hook and zipper pull, elastic shoe laces, nail clipper, handle hairbrush for elderly, and catcher apron bib. Getting dressed is one of the most intimate things. People who love their privacy and want to lead an independent life can opt for these dressing aids in Dubai.

Pill Organizers

Keep your medicines safe and secure with a variety of pill organizers and pouches. You can sort them according to the days, dates, or week. We have an organizer for all! These are exclusively used by the elderly, or people with short memory.


Reach to objects placed at a certain height without stretching and grab objects lying on the floor without bending. We offer a variety of reachers that are light and smooth. Elderly and people with disabilities can enjoy its benefits. We have a reacher accordion to different heights, grips, and use.

Utensils and Cutlery

From spoon to cup to dishes and much more - we have specially designed utensils and cutlery to help your loved ones enjoy foods and snacks despite disabilities. Who says you cannot cook after an age? With these special utensils and cutleries; you can now make your food!

Writing Aid

Creativity is unstoppable with our customized pen, typing aid, magnifier, and other writing aid products designed for people with disabilities. Let the penwork flow with the help of writing aids. These can help a person grow in their own unique way.

Bathing Aid

Let your seniors enjoy life with our bathing aids like lift commode, bath stool with rotating seat, grab bar and other products. If you are scared about the slipper and sloppy surfaces; we got you covered with the bathing aids. Let your loved one have the independence they deserve.

Daily Living Products Online Dubai, UAE

Sehaaonline brings the best living aids for seniors and the disabled from the top manufacturers in the industry. Check features, prices, and reviews of living aids. Write to us or get in touch over the phone to get answers to queries before you buy aids for daily living.

One stop shop for all your Daily Living Activities Equipment. Top Quality equipment for activities of daily living at your Doorstep in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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