All You Need To Know About Commode Chairs

All You Need To Know About Commode Chairs

It is important for one to make a living space adaptable to ease their lifestyle. It is essential for those who are dependent on others, such as the elderly, to be well equipped to deal with their declining mobility. To provide a comfortable atmosphere for elderly who require care, it is important to incorporate all necessary equipment in their surroundings. The commode chair is one helpful piece of medical device. This is also called the structure chair, and it's the best tool for giving the best treatment. People who cannot walk on their own, use commode chairs. They offer comfort and affordability to the people in need. Commode is also called a bedside commode, a toilet chair, a wheelchair toilet or a shower commode chair depending on the model bought.

#1. What are Commode Chairs?

A commode chair is a portable toilet that can be placed in your immediate neighbourhood and is frequently used by those who are unable to walk the distance to the washroom due to disability or another illness. The faecal container attached to the commode can be removed and cleaned.

#2. Why are commode chairs important?

The debilitated people can take numerous advantages offered by a commode chair. These chairs offer anatomy, preserve privacy, are a safer option, and are portable equipment. Sehaaonline provides a comprehensive range of commode chairs in Dubai. Apart from giving them independence, they can make a person believe in themselves again.

#3. How does a commode chair offer anatomy?

No matter what the situation is, a person cannot compromise on his safety and hygiene. A commode bathroom chair helps you go to the toilet without assistance, calling for greater independence and discretion.

#4. How does a shower commode offer privacy?

Privacy is important, and for people who rely on others to meet their biological needs, it can be a source of stress. On the other hand, a commode chair lets you rely on yourself. It helps you maintain your dignity because you no longer require anyone's assistance.

#5. Are commode chairs a safer option?

A commode chair is supported with guided bars implying that you are secured from risks that can be encountered due to the movement. Aside from that, by limiting the amount of trips to the restroom at night, these seats can help you avoid injury.

#6. Are the commode chairs portable?

Commode chairs are lightweight and easy to transport. The commode support chairs are collapsible and can fit conveniently, making it easier for senior people to go on vacations.

#7. What are the types of Commode Chairs?

The given is the list of popular commode chairs available-

1. Portable commode chairs - These medical equipment can be carried anywhere conveniently and are foldable. Portable commode chairs are equipped with wheels and hence occupy a limited space.

2. Static commode chairs - Static, as the word suggests don’t offer portability. However, they may have a feature of a detachable arm for transportation and mobility. Static chairs are available in different models and sizes and are very popular among users.

3. Bariatric commode chairs - Durability is very important to make a bariatric commode chair. They can occupy weights up to 500 pounds. Users can fit comfortably and can fit larger people.

4. Shower commode - Shower commodes serve as both a shower chair and a commode chair. They are designed specifically for usage in showers. Most shower commode chairs are made out of lightweight rust proof aluminium, and waterproof material so that you do not have to worry about them deteriorating over time. 4 wheels are exclusively offered by the shower commode chairs so that a caretaker can easily manoeuvre their patient in and out of the shower.

#8. What should I consider before purchasing a commode chair?

There are a variety of commode chairs available in the market. They can accommodate an individual according to their needs and comfort. Before you purchase a commode consider the following-

1. Maximum weight capacity held by a toilet or shower commode

2. Seat Width

3. Do you need a commode with wheels?

4. How long will you be needing the commode?

5. Are you a caretaker?

#9. What is Bedside Commode?

For seniors or anyone with limited mobility, the commode chair is a godsend. They can reduce their reliance on others by placing a portable western toilet seat near their bedside. It's just like any other commode, except it's right next to your bed. Typically used by elderly or disabled people with minimal to no mobility.

#10. Can the commode chairs be used as a wheelchair?

Yes, we have wheeled commodes available. These chairs can be customised and bought according to your needs and comfort. The product can be doubled and can in some cases work as a shower chair. Commodes can be height adjustable, hence you need not worry about the body’s movements and positioning.

#11. How to clean the chair?

Commode chairs are helpful and can make a needy person’s life easy. But for it to perform it’s proper functioning, it is important to clean it regularly. They're also obvious targets for bacteria and germs, so cleaning them after each usage is essential.

1. One should secure their hands with plastic or rubber gloves, then remove the receptacle from the seat and empty its contents into a flush toilet.

2. You can scrub the bucket with a soap or disinfectant and let it dry.

3. Then, using sanitising wipes or a cloth moistened with the disinfectant you used for the bucket, clean the toilet seat and rails of the chair.

4. You can clean the seat by keeping it in the hot water.

5. Later spray it with a disinfectant or by pouring and brushing a mixture of half-part vinegar and two-part water and air-drying it.

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