BiPAP Machine: We have The Answers to Your Questions

BiPAP Machine: We have The Answers to Your Questions

Buy the best BiPAP machine – if you have got this advice from your doctor to tackle any sleep disorder, you might have several queries and doubts about this equipment.

Sehaaonline is an online shop where you can find an excellent BiPAP machine for sale if you reside in Dubai. This article is a blog by this UAE-based medical healthcare products reseller about frequently asked questions on the machines.

#1. How does a BIPAP Machine work?

Your diaphragm moves downwards the moment you breathe in. consequently, the pressure in the lungs' sacs and tubes drops, and that's how air gets inside them. Unfortunately, health conditions such as sleep apnea might make it challenging to do so, especially when sleeping. Consequently, the air you take in becomes less than what you need.

This situation is where a need for a BiPAP machine comes in. Its work is to push pressurized air into the lungs. Once it is in, it opens the lungs allowing enough oxygen to get in. It is attached to a nasal plug, nasal mask, or face mask using a tube. Its motor blows air via the tube into your lungs through the plug or mask.

#2. How long will I need to use a BiPAP machine?

Once your doctor recommends BiPAP treatment, various factors will determine the period you will use the device. For instance, some people will stop using them after losing weight or undergoing oral surgery. If the patient's muscle tone or a physician trims the user's airway structures, its usage will no longer be necessary. However, most of the BiPAP machine users will have to use it for the rest of their lives. The only thing that changes is the pressure setting since; you need to adjust it according to how severe the sleep apnea is at the time.

#3. Is wearing my BiPAP machine optional?

It wouldn't make sense to wear your BiPAP machine when awake. However, if your doctor has prescribed a BiPAP machine, ensure that you wear it when sleeping. That's because you don't want to strain your body, especially the heart, lungs, and brains, due to a low oxygen level. By not wearing one when sleeping, you invite trouble since the airways obstruct your sleep. That's a risk you shouldn't take, even when taking a nap.

#4. Why should I use a BiPAP machine yet I have no trouble sleeping?

Given the name of the health condition that often demands BiPAP machines, sleeps apnea, people often assume that it treats something that has to do with lack of sleep. However, that's far from the truth. It is sleeping that invites trouble. It means you will have difficulty breathing when sleeping, which is why you should heed the doctor's advice.

#5. Is there a way to cool the air in my BiPAP machine?

Once in a while, the air in your BiPAP might get too warm. You have several options to cool it. One of them is cooling the room temperature using your A/C. Others include putting refrigerated water or ice cube in the humidifier.

#6. Which brand of BiPAP machine is good?

Philips BiPAP machine is quite amazing thanks to its high-quality material and efficiency. Another brand worth considering is the Drive Devilbiss.

#7. How do I stop rebound rem after recently starting a BiPAP machine?

First of all, you may not be in a position to diagnose this condition unless you are an expert in the field. Equally important, the expert needs data to work with, so you need to download Oscar software. However, you don't have to worry about it since it is normal to react to the treatment. After most likely being rem deprived for so long, rem rebound is likely to occur after using the BiPAP machine for the first time.

#8. Can I use an oxygen machine with my BiPAP machine?

The response to this query is a big yes. When using both the oxygen machine and the BiPAP machine, the oxygen will enter via the mask you use for the BiPAP treatment. However, it is best if you had an adapter that allows you to connect the two tubes from either device for it to work. Alternatively, ensure that the mask you are using has a similar in-built adapter.

#9. How should I maintain my BiPAP machine?

There is very little to do as far as maintaining your BiPAP machine is concerned. The only thing needed is the cleaning and changing filters at your machine's air intake. That's necessary to avoid dust accumulation on its internal parts. Observe the following as well:

a) Ensure that your surrounding especially where you keep your BiPAP machine remains clean at all times. Don't leave dust behind too to avoid bad air quality.

b) Keep in mind that papers, bedding, and curtains can easily block the air intake hence avoid it for continuous flow of air to your BiPAP machine

c) Always detach your humidifier before taking your BiPAP machine up. It avoids chances of spilling its water on the equipment, which could damage it.

d) Ensure that you change the humidifier water daily as well.

e) Clean the tubing weekly

#10. How often should I replace my BiPAP accessories?

The headgear and face mask need replacement after six months. Failure to replace you within that period could jeopardize your therapy. That's because of tear and wear, which leads to the headgear and face mask losing their elasticity. When that happens, leakage is bound to happen, and that isn't good for your treatment. As for the filters, inspect them often, preferably every week. Equally important, replace them as soon as they appear dirty.

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