CPAP Machines: We Have Answered Your Queries

CPAP Machines: We Have Answered Your Queries

Sleep apnea makes living a challenge. The problem is not just limited to while you sleep. The continuous sleep deficit disrupts the body and mind, and that adversely impacts your life, livelihood and relationships. Fortunately, a CPAP machine can relieve all the signs and move you to a better life.

Sehaaonline is a store that sells the best CPAP machine in Dubai. From Philips CPAP machine to other brands, it has a huge sale for devices worth every penny. This blog will be answering frequently asked questions about these devices. So, without further ado, let’s get their answers. Check them out!

#1 What is a CPAP machine?

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine helps in clearing the interruptions in your breathing process. It happens due to a brief collapse of throat or airways. The machine sends a steady flow of oxygen into your nose and mouth when you sleep to keep them open.

#2 Are CPAP machines convertible into ventilators?

Yes, it is possible to convert a CPAP machine into a ventilator. All that’s required is a simple modification of the former to make it the latter. It is a conversion that was quite helpful when the coronavirus pandemic hit all the countries hard. With many patients in need of ventilators due to the COVID-19 complications, many CPAP machines were converted to handle the huge demand.

#3 Are headaches a common side effect of using a CPAP machine?

Headaches are indeed a side effect of using a CPAP machine. However, it is not common, and it is also avoidable. After all, they occur if the patient sets the CPAP pressure too high. Another course of headache is if the sinuses are blocked.

#4 What are the common side effects of CPAP?

As the air coming from the CPAP machine is blown into the airway, you may experience a stuffy, dry nose. Equally important, the air flowing instantly may lead to nosebleeds. Hence, follow the doctor’s advice on the airflow you need.

#5 Are CPAP machine cleaners worth the money?

Buying a CPAP cleaner is crucial given the work that these machines do. The air enters to the lungs, and it should be 100% clean, i.e.e, free from mold, bacteria, or viruses. Equally important, you need a cleaner that works effectively, and these cleaners won’t disappoint.

#6 Are CPAP machines really beneficial, or is this a passing medical gimmick?

As sleep apnea patients talk about their lives before and after the CPAP machine, one can tell that it has changed their lives for the better. It is a condition that can really take a toll on someone making life quite hard. However, the machine relieves those symptoms helping you lead a good life. Therefore, if your doctor recommends it, you better heed the advice for your own good. If a need arises, it is easy to find a CPAP machine for sale online.

#7 Are CPAP machines dual voltage?

Some are dual voltage, which has made traveling with a CPAP machine quite easy. With such a model, you no longer need to purchase a voltage converter. However, you must confirm that it is dual voltage. Look at the power pack besides calling your manufacturer for confirmation.

#8 Can you ever stop using a CPAP machine?

Unless you undergo other interventions such as surgery, you will have to wear your CPAP machine once your doctor says so. It is important as it ensures that your sleep and breathing are healthy. Failure to use it will see sleep apnea symptoms make a comeback right away. Sleeping and breathing will also become a problem. To avoid such situations, always wear the machine when sleeping.

#9 Can CPAP weaken lungs?

It depends on how you maintain your machine. It is important to clean your mask, hose, and CPAP machine well and often. If it is worn when dirty, that can be a problem. It can cause complications such as pneumonia, sinus infections, respiratory infection, and bronchitis. Such conditions can be bad news to the lungs.

#10 How long do you need to use a CPAP machine each night?

Medics and insurance providers require a patient to use the CPAP machine consistently. You should ensure that you wear it for not less than 4 hours each night. At the same time, wear it for at least 70% of the nights every month.

#11 Can a CPAP machine tell when someone stops breathing?

If you buy an automatic CPAP machine, it will definitely detect symptoms of a person who isn’t breathing. It measures resistance to determine whether the airway has collapsed. If so, it increases the pressure the patients need throughout the night to resolve sleep apnea symptoms. It also tests if the pressures are low and adjusts them accordingly.

#12 How often do I need to replace a CPAP Machine?

If you buy one of the best CPAP machines, it may take you up to 5 years before replacing it. That’s a reasonable period which is why you need to be careful when buying one. When buying a CPAP machine online, take your time to compare the available ones to ensure that you take home the best device.

#13 Which other parts need changing?

Some parts need changing every three months, including the tubing and mask. Others can last up to 6 months, such as the humidifier water chamber, headgear, and chinstrap. As for the filter, it depends on your choice. A disposable one will last for two weeks, whereas you can use a reusable one for up to 6 months.

#14 Why am I sneezing after wearing a CPAP machine?

You can rest assured that the sneezing has nothing to do with the machine. There are high chances it is allergic to the cleaner that you are using. Try changing it and see wonders.

#15 What are the various types of CPAP masks?

These are the types of masks you find in the best CPAP machines:

a) Nasal CPAP mask

b) Nasal pillows

c) Full face CPAP mask

#16 Can a CPAP machine know when you are asleep?

You breathe differently when asleep and awake. The machine is smart to tell the difference, and that’s how it tells when you are awake or asleep. Upon sensing that you are sleeping, it will function accordingly to help you sleep well.

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