Elderly Care Supplies: Frequently Asked Questions

Elderly Care Supplies: Frequently Asked Questions

The older we grow, the harder it becomes to perform the routine tasks. It doesn’t need any argument. Here comes the significance of elderly care aids. They help users to keep life moving well with maximum safety and as little discomfort as possible.

The elderly care devices help both the user and the caregiver because taking care of the elderly can be overwhelming. Buying the right products can make your job easier than ever. It would be good to have some knowledge about elderly care equipment to make the right choice.

Being the best marketplace for elderly equipment supplies in the UAE,  it’s our responsibility to educate buyers and users to make the most of their purchases. So, this time, through our  FAQs blog series, we thought to answer some of the questions that you may have regarding elderly care equipment. Continue reading.

#1 What are important elderly care aids for safety at home?

Since old age often comes with risks, you need elderly care products that make the home as safe as possible. If your loved one has a wheelchair, install a ramp at the front and backdoor to make their entry and exit risk-free.

Ensure that faucets and handles are also easy to use. Under such circumstances, the elderly will be safe and, above all, be independent enough to carry out some routine tasks.

After all, they can easily access the areas and operate what needs to be operated as well and with much ease. Sometimes, that leads to a happier life for the individual since they get to retain independence and dignity regardless of age.

#2 Which elder care products make taking a bath safely?

Several statistics show that falls are the leading risk for older people living at home and bathroom is one of the most common places for it. Equally important, those falls often take place when showering. For that reason, bath safety products need to be a priority when living or taking care of such people. They include non-slip bath rugs and mats, safety bars, handheld showerheads, and adhesive tread stickers.

#3 What are the advantages of a handheld showerhead?

A handheld showerhead is a recommended elderly equipment for home care for two primary reasons. First, users do not need to be in a sanding positon to bath. Second, if an elderly person is unable to take a bath, the showerhead makes it easy for the caregiver to assist.

#4 Why should you strictly buy an ADA-compliant safety bar?

It is important to have support and stability handles or devices, particularly in wet areas. However, they may do more harm than good if they are not robust enough to accommodate the heavyweight. If you settle for one that’s ADA-compliant, you can rest assured that it is sturdy enough to serve its purpose without breaking accidentally and risking the health and life of your vintage family member.

#5 What comfort care products should you invest in?

Older adults often have diabetes, post-stroke weakness, joint degeneration, arthritis, and other serious illnesses. Under such circumstances, some medical supplies for elderly care can surely help. They include comfortable cushions, mattresses, and pillows. High-support and adjustable beds can also do the trick. Massage seats and heating pads are also worth mentioning.

#6 What elderly assistance products are good for emergencies?

For some or the other reason, sometimes, you have to leave an elder person alone. Fortunately, you have no reason to worry because there are ways of helping them alert you in case of any unpleasant happenings. Some medical devices for the elderly, including life alert bracelets and necklaces ensure that the caregiver knows as soon as possible in case of a sudden acute illness or fall as soon as it happens. Smartphones and handheld intercoms connected to emergency services are also suitable in this case.

#7 Which are some of the best brands to buy elderly products for better living?

If looking for a wheelchair, Rehamo won’t disappoint. Pharmaouest is ideal for abdominal belts, whereas Glider produces amazing adult diapers. Other renowned brands include Aquabuddy, Healthshine, and Tenura, just but to mention a few.

#8 Which features should you be looking for when buying a bed for an older adult?

An electric or power patient bed is highly recommended. It has an electric motor to facilitate various movements. You can move and adjust various parts, including height, head, foot, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg. The weight capacity also matters. Change of mattress and cleaning shouldn’t be a problem.

#9 Why should you buy elderly care supplies?

Buying elderly care products for the home improves the safety and convenience of users and caregivers. Though taking care of elderly persons is a priceless thing, our customers claim that the investment has a great ROI. They lower the probability of falls or slips and helps you avoid unexpected medical expenses.

Besides, taking care of elderly persons at home gives you an immense sense of satisfaction. Staying with family also boosts the morale of your loved ones, which contributes to their well-being.

#10 What are ADLs?

ADL stands for Activities of Daily Living. In the medical equipment vertical, ADL refers to a set of products to enhance elderly care for home seniors or people have other types of disability. The medical products help them to perform the day-to-day tasks - using toilet, moving, eating, grooming, dressing, and bathing - easily and safely. Some are the customized version of the regular products meant for everyone, while others are specially designed keeping the helth conditons of usres in the mind. ADL clothing, utensils and cutlery, bed side rail, dressing aid, furniture raiser and grab bars are a few to name.

Hope you found our frequently asked questions page on elderly care supplies useful. If you have  more queries, write in the comment section. We’ll be happy to respond to them.

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