Here Are Some Signs You Need A Wheelchair

Here Are Some Signs You Need A Wheelchair

When is the right time to get a wheelchair? Your senior may wonder.

Old age is one of the most challenging and sensitive times for the elderly. Not everyone needs a wheelchair but those who use walkers or canes might use one.

In this blog, we will go through some of the obvious signs you need a wheelchair. Let’s decide on the easy transition from a Walker to a wheelchair!

Who Requires A Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are used in many situations, some may need them from birth (spina bifida), some may need them due to accidents leading to mobility issues, and some may need to cope with old age.

These mobility aids are a blessing to people. They take the weight/ burden off the legs and feet. They are not just for paralysis but for other diseases and disabilities like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, muscle dystrophy, arthritis, scoliosis, and multiple sclerosis.

Signs You Need Wheelchairs

Illness isn’t the only reason why your loved one is recommended to use a wheelchair. It may be due to the body's wear and tear.

Being healthy in old age isn’t a cakewalk. Some elderly ditch their routine and expose themselves to many diseases/ disabilities. Only a few remain active and work on their joints/ locomotive skills.

Here are some of the signs that indicate the need for a wheelchair-

1. The doctor recommended one

Using a wheelchair is heavy on people. They don’t want to be that dependent. If your loved one is using a cane, and they are comfortable with it, they may not want to transfer to a wheelchair.

2. Falls are getting frequent

Despite using a crutch/ walker, your loved one is experiencing falls. Is it normal? We guess not. And the idea of seniors falling isn’t funny but challenging. They may end up getting severely injured. Get them a wheelchair for safe and secure transfers.

3. Mobility is getting weaker

Old age is challenging. It makes one dependent, get tired, be sore, and whatnot. If your elderly are getting weaker, day by day, help them. Get them a manual or motorized wheelchair. The wheelchairs never tire or get sore from exertion. These are a practical substitute for your feet and legs!

4. Cannot go out anymore

Elderly age is frustrating. People no longer go out, have a job, or have a routine life. If your loved one is suffering from the same and has mobility issues, help them go out. Wheelchairs can help them socialize, interact and go out without any fear of falling. Help them interact with the best wheelchairs in the UAE.

5. Pain while walking

Being tired is okay. But what if the pain is severe? If your elderly complain about the same, it’s time to get the wheels. Slowing down is natural aging but if the pain is frequent, make sure to take the necessary steps. Wheelchairs help to take the burden off the feet and allow independence to the elderly.

6. Coordination isn’t good

If your senior is facing coordination or balancing issues, buy them a wheelchair. Without one, they may be at risk of falling, getting injured, etc.

7. Neurological issues

If your senior’s neuro or mind isn’t working properly, and facing problems, get them a wheelchair. Make sure to get them diagnosed. They may have issues like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Transition From A Walker to A Wheelchair

It is not easy to transfer from a Walker to a wheelchair. One has to discuss their issues with a physician or a caretaker. They may guide them with specific advice based on their health. Physical therapy and mental preparation are important before the transition.

Recommend them to take slow steps, and once one gets familiar with the wheelchair and its functions, they’ll be good to go.

Last but not the least, always make sure your loved one has a wheelchair specific to their needs. The market has numerous options in both categories (manual and electric). Make sure to run through the options, take the doctor’s advice and see your loved one’s comfort zone.

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Wrapping Up

Wheelchairs aren’t scary. With the right use and functioning, these lifelines are a blessing to your loved one. Make sure to get proper R&D before the purchase!

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