Medical Air Mattress: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Medical Air Mattress: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

A medical air mattress is an integral part of patient care at home and healthcare facility both. The air bed is not just a common mattress to sleep and relax but also to facilitate healing and recovery. It’s part of treatment and care. Sometimes, doctors may also advise a patient or health-conscious people to use a hospital air mattress to improve some conditions.

#1. What is a medical air bed?

A medical air bed is a therapeutic bed that is offered or recommended as part of patient care. It complements the treatment thereby increasing the effectiveness of the medicine and the comfort and safety of the patients.

#2. What are bedsores and how to prevent them?

Bedsores, also known as decubitus ulcers or just ulcers are injuries to the skin and underlying tissues. They are the result of lying on a bed in a particular position for an extended time or days. The use of a medical air mattress with an alternating air pressure system helps with stimulating blood circulation and preventing bedsores or ulcers of any type.

#3. Can I buy any medical air bed to prevent bedsores or ulcers?

A medical air bed works on the principle of pressure-relieving and redistribution and different patients may need it differently. While selecting a hospital air bed, it’s important to assess the patient’s conditions like the level of mobility challenge, the skin type and condition, the level of and site at risk, weight, staff availability and skill plus the general health and condition of the individual.

#4. Are there any side effects of using a hospital air bed?

No clinical evidence supports it, but yes if the surface of the air mattress has a material that doesn’t allow the skin to breathe well. Many manufacturers use vinyl or similar synthetic materials that stick to the skin and stops thermal regulation. The consequences can differ by season. In summer, it may cause itching as the sweat may not dry well while in the winter, it can cause cold as the material cools down fast. You can avoid the health risks by using a soft cotton cloth over it. Make a practice to clean and decontaminate the air bed effectively at a regular interval. It is accepted that these devices should be used in conjunction with other preventative strategies such as repositioning.

#5. How does a hospital air bed work?

An airbed has air cavities that are inflated and deflated alternatively. You can easily find an alternating pressure mattress with a pump online at Sehaaonline. Here is how it works:

1. Static Mode: This mode is for providing constant low-pressure therapy. The air fills around two-third of the mattress capacity thereby enabling a greater immersion into the mattress surface and provide. The optimum pressure redistribution relaxes body tissues and prevents bedsores.

2. Alternating Mode: This Continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and relieve pressure away from vulnerable areas, whilst also stimulating blood circulation.

3. Auto Adjustment: The proprietary pressure/body-weight algorithm enables automatic pressure adjustment in response to individual body mass distribution and patient movement.

4. Seat Inflation Mode: Increases the pressure equally across the entire mattress by 5 mmHg to deliver optimum support on the sacrum area when in the Fowler position (sitting up), reducing the risk of “bottoming out”.

5. Max Firm Mode: Increases the pressure of the mattress to its full capacity.

#6. Who does need a medical air bed?

A medical air bed is required for a patient with reduced d mobility or who needs assistance with getting up and lying down. Hence, it’s useful across all healthcare departments. You may also buy an APM mattress for your loved ones to provide them with the best care at home.

#7. What are the top makers of hospital air beds?

APEX, Drive Devilbiss, and Novocare are popular manufacturers of hospital air beds. Sehaaonline helps you compare products from the top makers and buy the right healthcare equipment.

#8. Can I get a medical air mattress for rent?

No. Due to hygiene concerns, we do not offer a hospital air mattress on rent. You should also avoid using air mattresses used by another person.

#9. How to clean a medical air mattress?

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all debris. Wipe it down with a soft cloth dipped in 97% isopropyl alcohol. The content serves as a wonderful disinfectant. You can remove tougher stains by rubbing them multiple times. Cleaning helps you provide a healthy environment to your patient and it prevents microbial or fungal infection of any type.

#10. How to choose the best air mattress?

For getting a quality air mattress, you should check the specifications like thickness, air holding ability, and warranty. It should also be easy to inflate or deflate as and when required. The mattress makers provide either a manual or electric pump. Check our alternating pressure mattress with pump available at the best price.

#11. Can I buy an air mattress for a hospital bed or a home bed online?

Yes. Sehaaonlien has a huge inventory of air mattresses of varying specifications, ratings, and prices. Currently, we are serving healthcare facilities and home consumers in the UAE. We are also extending our service of medical equipment delivery in Oman soon.

#12. How long do I need to wait for the delivery of the medical air mattress?

Delivery Time: In the next 24 hours if ordered from Dubai and in 24-48 hours if ordered from Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah.

#13. Can I replace or exchange my medical air mattress?

It depends upon the vendor supplying the medical supplies. Sehaaonline has a friendly return policy. We have a 7-day return and refund policy. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Some products are excluded, which means returns are not accepted. Hope you found answers to your questions regarding medical air mattress. Let us know if we missed any. We’ll be happy to answer them at the earliest.

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