Medical Beds: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Medical Beds: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

The adoption of a correct posture is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle – this is something that we have been taught at the school level. But, it’s more important for the recovery of a patient from an illness. It complements the care and attention given to a patient – at a healthcare facility and home both. Here comes the importance of a medical bed.

In today’s Sehaaonline blog post, we will talk about medical beds and try to answer common questions that may come to your mind while deciding the best medical beds.

#1. What are the different types of medical beds available?

Electric, semi-electric, and manual–leading hospital bed suppliers make beds of these three types. The control and convenience factor varies. For example, in an electric bed, there are electrical fowler mode, electrical backrest, electrical reclining leg rest, and electrical Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg mechanism. Semi-electrical hospital beds have some features operated by electricity while others manually. In manual beds, you will see all functionalities operated by a simple pully and leaver or gear mechanism.

#2. What different positioning options a patient bed can help with?


The bed is tilted so that the patient is lying with their feet raised above their head. Most commonly used in surgery, this position can also be beneficial to people who have certain heart conditions.

b) Reverse Trendelenburg:

This position is just the reverse of the standard Trendelenburg. The patient’s head is upward and at a higher height than the feet and legs. This position is used to help increase respiratory function in overweight and obese patients by relieving pressure on the head.

c) Fowler’s position:

This position places users in a semi-upright posture (45-60 degrees) with the legs either straight or bent, and is used as an intervention during respiratory distress.

#3. How much does a medical bed cost?

The manual patient beds are the cheapest option while the fully electric beds are the costliest ones. Within a category, you will find price variation depending upon mattress type and width, lifting capacity, frame type, wheels and brakes, and other specifications. An electric medical bed in the UAE can cost you around AED 5000.

#4. Where can I find medical beds for home use in the UAE?

Buy a medical bed in the UAE from Sehaaonine. Check the manual, semi, and full electric hospital beds for sale online. Place your electric bed order after comparing specifications and prices. The beds are delivered within 24 hours if ordered from Dubai and in 24-48 hours if ordered from Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah.

#5. Can I find medical beds for rent?

If you want a medical bed on rent in major cities in the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, you can get it on affordable monthly rental at Sehaaonline. A medical bed rental is a good option if you need the equipment for a short duration (say a week or up to a few months). Compare the overall rental that you will be paying over the period with that of the medical bed’s price. If you think your cost may exceed, you should buy the bed upfront.

#6. Can I get a refund for my electric hospital beds?

It depends upon the supplier you choose to buy the product. Sehaaonline has a 7-day friendly Return Policy. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

#7. Can I find a medical bed with a foldable backrest?

Yes, you can buy a bed with a foldable backrest. These are also called foldable orthopedic backrests with mats. However, such an electric hospital bed is mostly without wheels. It is a perfect solution for users looking for a single function on the bed.

#8. Can I customize my electric hospital beds for home?

Yes. Manual or electrical bed – you can customize both beds by adding bed accessories like bedside rail, overbed table, lifting bed backrest, patient bedside trolley, etc., to make it more comfortable and safer for your patients or loved ones.

#9. How hygienic are hospital beds?

It depends upon the hospital administration, but most of the components and surface area of the hospital beds have PE (Polyethylene) film coating, which protects against damage and contamination. The application of HDPE coating also enhances the hygiene level. The coating makes it easy to clean the equipment using any disinfectant. It doesn’t corrode easily with harsh acidic chemicals.

#10. What are the top brands producing electric medical beds?

Dolsan, Drive Medical, Dupont, Reha-Bed, and Rehamo are a few of the trusted manufacturers of electrical beds for hospitals and homes. At Sehaaonline, you can find products from all makers at the best price.

#11. How to choose a hospital bed for homecare?

Patient conditions, simplicity and type of bed adjustment features, dimension, weight, the durability of the frames, mattress type, and safety and alert system are some of the parameters to choose your hospital bed for homecare.

#12. What patient beds shall I buy to prevent bedsores?

Patient beds with alternating pressure mattresses are commonly used and can help to prevent pressure ulcers. These mattresses have several chambers that are automatically filled with different amounts of air.

#13. What are bed scales?

Bed scales are an added accessory that helps the caregiver to monitor the patient’s weight without shifting him or her to any weighing machine. It alleviates the risk involved with shifting the elderly or disabled.

Many hospital beds come with or have the option to add a built-in bed scale for easy weight monitoring. This can be very helpful, especially if the user needs to be weighed regularly for medical reasons. It also reduces the effort of hospital staff and caregivers.

Hope you found the information on patient beds useful. If we haven't covered answers to your queries, drop your comments below. We will try to respond to them at the earliest. If you think this piece of information on hospital beds can help your friends or extended family, do not miss to share it with them. Remember sharing is caring!

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