Mobility Aids - Everything One Should Know

Mobility Aids - Everything One Should Know

Mobility aids are defined as the equipment or devices made to help people with problems in their movement. Typically individuals with disabilities or injuries, or age factors choose to use the walking aids. These devices provide a lot of benefits like independence to walk, pain reduction, increased self-esteem, and confidence.

There are a lot of mobility/disability aids, and one can choose from the type of need he or she has- from crutches and canes to wheelchairs and stairlifts. The modern era has modern benefits. Our scientific community has helped people who have been physically challenged due to environmental or genetic or age factors.

This blog focuses on the frequently asked questions about mobility products.

#1 What is a mobility issue?

Mobility problems are the issues experienced while walking, or difficulty getting in and out of a chair/bed, or not being able to move muscles for locomotions. It is commonly observed due to the following reason-

a) Age factor- It is most commonly observed in older people due to age factors such as muscle weaknesses, pains, diseases, neurological issues, or joint problems.

b) Physical or environmental factors- If one has experienced an accident and is unable to walk, the locomotion is compromised. It might be permanent or temporary. The bone dislocation, age, and muscle factors play a huge role in determining the same.

c) Genetic Factors- Genetics plays an important role in determining the state of locomotors. The limbs might be compromised due to defective chromosomes or genes. These are usually permanent and need mobility aids equipment for life.

#2 When to use a mobility aid?

The first step to choosing a mobility aid is to recognize your need to buy one. It may be time to consider disability aids if-

You have suffered constant falls or ‘close calls’ while walking or standing.

a) You are using medication that makes you dizzy.

b) You have an unbalanced gait caused by injuries or impairments.

c) You have low lower body strength.

d) You experience discomfort and pain while walking and standing.

Apart from these, if your doctor has recommended it, it is high time to get yourself a disability aid at home. At Sehaaonline, we have a wide variety of mobility aids equipment in Dubai. One can choose according to his or her needs.

#3 What are the types of mobility equipment for the disabled?

The most common types of mobility equipment for disabled in UAE are assistive canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. It depends upon your condition and health to decide which equipment is best suited for you. Sehaaonline provides a wide range of products to shop from.

#4 How are the Assistive Canes used?

Canes are like big sticks that support a person’s body weight similar to crutches. They help in taking weight load from the legs of the upper body. The grip is held from the hand, and wrist to support the legs.

Assistive canes can be useful to those who cannot balance their body and are at risk of falling. If your legs cannot take enough pressure from the upper body, these sticks are the perfect solutions for you. Usually, elderly people use canes to support their bodies comfortably. These are called disability equipment for the elderly in Dubai.

#5 What are the types of canes?

There are 3 types of canes, and one can choose according to their disability-

a) White canes- They are specially designed for visually impaired people. They are thinner than the other canes and allow a person to detect the objects ahead. White canes also inform others that the user is blind.

b) Quad Canes- It is designed with 4 feet structure at the end for a wide base and better stability.

c) Forearm Canes- As the name suggests, they provide support to the forearms. More weight is distributed around the wrist to the arm.

#6 Why are Crutches used?

Crutches act like canes and help to transfer weight from the legs to the upper body. One can use them singly or in pairs. People with short-term injuries or permanent disabilities can use Crutches. They help to keep a person upright, and stable.

#7 What are the different types of Crutches?

There are various types of Crutches, including-

a) Axillary or underarm Crutches- Axillary or underarm Crutch are used for short-term injuries. One part is placed against the ribcage (under armpits), and the other provides the grip to hands.

b) Loft strand or forearm Crutches- They are used by people with long-term disabilities. The arm is placed into a metal or plastic cuff, and the other with a handgrip.

c) Platform Crutches- These are the rarest crutches and are used by people with weak hand grip having arthritis or cerebral palsy. The grip is held by hand and the forearm rests on a horizontal platform.

#8 What are Walkers?

Walkers are metal-made, four-legged stability tools that provide loco-support to the users. They are also known as Zimmer frames. It is the most stable walking aid. Walkers can be made from wheels or glide on the legs’ base. Users can slide the walker and need not lift it. This feature is especially useful to those with weak arm strength.

#9 What are the different types of walkers?

Types of a walker-

a) Rollators- It has four wheels, handlebars, and a seat to rest on. Rollators have hand breaks as a safety measure and provide complete independence to physically challenged.

b) Knee Walkers- It is similar to the rollators and allows the user to rest their knee on a padded cushion.

c) Walker-Cane Hybrids- It is a mix of cane, and a walker. Walker-cane is made of two legs and used with both hands to provide better support than a standard cane.

#10 What are Wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs are designed for those people who cannot work their lower bodies at all or are unable to walk. People with severe disabilities use wheelchairs. They can be manually operated by the user or propelled by someone else, or be electrically operated.

There is a special type of wheelchair designed for users like standing wheelchairs- supports users in an upright position, and sports wheelchairs- used for specific sports.

You can buy the best wheelchair disability aids for the home in Dubai at Sehaaonline.

#11 How are Mobility Scooters useful?

They are very similar to wheelchairs. Typically battery operated, with footplates, and handle-bars. Mobility scooters are very beneficial to those with a lack of upper body strength. Sehaaonline provides the best disability equipment and mobility aids for seniors in UAE suffering from loco-problems. Training is available for those using the product for the first time.

#12 Who can benefit from disability aids and equipment?

Anyone can use the mobility equipment for the disabled for temporary or long-term needs.

It is beneficial for people with-

a) Arthritis

b) Developmental disabilities

c) Cerebral palsy

d) Difficulties maintaining balance

e) Diabetes ulcers and wounds

f) Heart or lung disease

g) Fractures

h) Injury to leg, back, or feet

I) Obesity

j) Walking impairment due to stroke or brain injury

k) Spina bifida

l) Sprains and strains

m) Visual impairment or blindness

Sehaaonline is the best disability equipment supplier in Dubai and worldwide. No matter what condition you are prone to, we have the best disability equipment for sale.

#13 Are there any risks of using the disability aids?

The mobility aids are lifesavers to those with disabilities. But every piece of equipment has its pros and cons. Once you are thorough with the use, working, and method of application, the chances are rare to get any risk or injury while operating the devices. We are advised to get proper training by a physician or a doctor before using the disability aids.

Sehaaonline is the best disability equipment supplier in Dubai where you can browse the products according to your needs. Get the support products and shop the best from us.

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