Oxygen Therapy - All Education You Need

Oxygen Therapy - All Education You Need

Oxygen therapy is a technique-driven by the use of devices and equipment to deliver the necessary oxygen needed to breathe. Oxygen therapy equipment can be used in the form of tubes resting on the nose, a face mask, and directly attached to the windpipe or trachea. When the body is unable to deliver the required oxygen supply to the body, home oxygen therapy can provide the same.

#1. What is this therapy and why should one use an oxygen therapy machine?

There can be certain times when the body is compromised due to a respiratory malfunction. This might be because of certain viruses, bacteria, or other air-borne infections. When the respiratory system is compromised, the oxygen supply gets down. The need for oxygen can cause various problems in the body. It can even hamper organ functioning and lead to low blood levels. To cope with this situation, oxygen therapy at home equipment can be very beneficial. These devices are installed directly to the respiratory tract and provide the optimal oxygen needed to the body.

#2. Why is oxygen important to our body?

Oxygen is one of the most important things needed for human survival. Listed are some of the functions given by oxygen-

1. The making of red blood cells - The red blood cells are important for our body to function. It is the basic hemoglobin component that makes the blood red. The binding of oxygen in the blood is what makes it a legit body fluid that can deliver various foods in the form of fluids to the body.

2. White Blood cells - The making of blood also included the making of the WBCs or the white blood cells. These cells are called the body-fighters or the immunity providers that fight with the invaders and make a body’s immunity. If you have a lower amount of WBC, it can be due to lower oxygen levels. Only high-flow oxygen devices can provide you with the oxygen needed.

3. Platelets - The home oxygen treatment can also increase the body binders. They help in healing wounds and carry out the basic immunity functions.

4. It helps the lungs to work - Our lungs can only accept oxygen as the gas to enter into the bronchus and bronchioles.

5. It also helps in the digestion of food and acts as a binder to various chemical processes.

#3. What is an oxygen supplement machine used for?

An oxygen supplement machine is a type of HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy that speeds up the healing of carbon monoxide poisoning, stubborn wounds, gangrene, infections in which tissues are oxygen-starved, and various respiratory-related issues. When you know your respiratory tract is compromised, a need for the best high-flow oxygen therapy equipment is needed. Times like CoronaVirus makes us realize how important it is to keep your lungs healthy. If you are searching for the best oxygen therapy products in Dubai, Sehaaonline is all you need. With the wide range of portable oxygen therapy devices in the UAE, they serve the best with quality.

#4. How does oxygen therapy work?

The treatment is carried out by the use of a home oxygen therapy machine. It can easily be used at home with the oxygen breathing in a pressurized chamber or tube. The lungs work three times faster than their normal rate. We cannot take enough oxygen at room air pressure. Oxygen therapy supplies enable us to gather oxygen and get it delivered to the organs and body tissues via the blood. Hemoglobin can only be bonded with oxygen.

#5. What are the different types of oxygen therapy supplies?

The different types of oxygen therapy supplies are as follows-

1. Oxygen gas

2. Liquid oxygen

3. Oxygen concentrators

4. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

#6. Who needs oxygen therapy?

People who cannot get enough oxygen on their own require oxygen therapy. Certain lung conditions can make a person dependable on these devices including-

1. COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

2. Pneumonia

3. Asthma

4. Heart failure

5. Sleep apnea

6. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

7. Cystic fibrosis

8. Trauma to the respiratory system

9. Lung disease.

If you have any of the above problems, get a home oxygen treatment in Dubai at Sehaaonline. They have all the required high-flow oxygen devices.

#7. What are the symptoms of low oxygen levels?

You would need a machine for oxygen therapy if-

1. You have rapid breathing with uneven heart rates.

2. You experience shortness of breath.

3. You have a faster heart rate.

4. You have an immense cough or wheezing.

5. You sweat a lot.

6. You often have confusion and head rushes.

7. Your skin changes color. (bluish-black)

#8. What is oxygen gas therapy?

The oxygen gas is stored in a portable tank and is known as a compressed gas system. It is a large concentrator and can be used at home by taking it in a smaller oxygen tank. It is delivered in pulses and not continuously. These are the most common portable oxygen therapy for home.

#9. What is liquid oxygen gas therapy?

These are stored in a portable tank and are highly concentrated. Hence when a person needs oxygen supply, they use liquid oxygen. Generally used for active people, these tanks are refillable.

Sehaaonline delivers both the gas and liquid form of oxygen via cylinders. They are exclusively delivering oxygen therapy machines for sale in the UAE.

#10. What are oxygen concentrators?

The oxygen concentrators are less portable and are devices that take gas from the room. Later it will concentrate on therapeutic use. This will naturally remove all the other gases. They do not require tanks and are less expensive than the other options.

These O2 therapy devices in Dubai are distributed from the tank via tube. Nasal tubes are fitted towards the lungs with a face mask or the tube is directly inserted into the windpipe.

#11. What are the common delivery methods?

The high flow oxygen therapy device has many delivery methods. Most commonly, a nasal cannula is used to do so. (a tube that runs through both the nostrils.) Other methods are-

1. Non Rebreather mask

2. Designed for infants- the incubator

3. CPAP or the continuous positive airway pressure.

#12. Some other benefits of home oxygen therapy machines

The oxygen therapy products can be very beneficial. Apart from giving the higher oxygen levels, get people more active and mobile, it can improve your life in the following ways-

1. No headaches

2. No irritability

3. No fatigue

4. No swollen ankles

People should not smoke around a person using oxygen. While cooking these tanks should be kept away. The tanks should be stored in an area that is open and has enough room for air.

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