Respiratory Care Products - All You Need For Your Lungs

Respiratory Care Products - All You Need For Your Lungs

The assisted devices that intend to help patients with breathing, support respiration, carbon dioxide removal, and therapy to decrease muscle atrophy of abdominal wall muscles are called respiratory assisted devices. These respiratory care products provide intensive care to those with troubled breathing and lower oxygen levels. Especially in the era of Coronavirus, respiratory equipment has provided life-saving support to people. Sehaaonline provides the best Respiratory Equipment in Dubai for people in need. These are categorized under personal protective equipment and guard people against inhalation of hazardous gases or substances in the environment. This blog focuses on the common questions a person would like to know about.

#1 What are the respiratory equipment?

Air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. The proportion of hazardous gases like Carbon Monoxide, sulfur, sulfur dioxide, and nitrates have increased dramatically. These gases are fatal when taken in enormous amounts. At this stage, everyone needs some support where he or she can get the oxygen supply at ease. Sehaaonline provides respiratory aids online in the UAE. The importance of oxygen is met with the best quality purifiers and humidifiers available on our website.

#2 Why do you need respiratory Protection?

Our respiratory system allows every kind of air to enter. Without safe, and clean air, the human body cannot function. Our respiratory tract protects us from various diseases and airborne hazards. The contaminants can affect your immunity, and make the body weak to fight its next battle. Hence to clear the contamination, a respirator is needed. It will protect against contaminated respiration.

#3 How can the body provide the in-built protection?

Our human body provides in-built protection against viruses, diseases, and other substances. Hence it is necessary to have respiratory protection with respiratory care products.

After the protection, the basic body mechanisms will run and do their work as follows-

Immunity from the nose- The nose is responsible for making the air cooler or warmer for less irritability. Any large particle inhaled can be stopped by the nostril’s hair providing foreign substance protection. The air is provided by the moisture through the nose for easy passage into the respiratory tract.

Cilia- They are the tiny hair-like substances present in the respiratory tract. Small particles are removed with the help of thin hair-like structures and body responses to coughing or sneezing to naturally remove them.

Mucous Layer- The whole airway is coated with the mucous lining that traps particles and allows cilia to move them back to the throat.

Coughing- It is respiratory reflux of the lungs to stop hazardous particles to enter the lungs.

#4 Why do you need respiratory equipment?

Respiratory protection equipment, as the name suggests protects the respiratory tract against foreign substances. The hazards can affect your body in several ways like-

The mouth, nose, and throat- Any kind of dust, fumes, smoke, mist, fog or other foreign particles can harm the given parts of the respiratory system. Coughing, hoarse voice, congestion, or burning can be listed as symptoms of the same.

Lungs- They are called the inner and the most important part of the respiratory tract. The body’s natural defenses can skip certain small particles and be lodged in the tissues. Problems like bronchitis, asthma, cancer, or emphysema can occur by the same.

Whole Body affect- There are certain gases, fumes, and other hazards that can pass through your body’s natural immunity. The entrance to the bloodstream can cause many health damages and hamper other organs too.

#5 What are the different types of Respiratory Aids Online in Dubai?

There are a lot of respiratory aids and equipment for all kinds of purposes; shopped from Sehaaonline. The oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, and sleep therapy equipment are available at our store. These respiratory medical products are very helpful and can help your lungs, nose, throat, mouth, and other body parts from foreign substances. At this time of Covid-19, it is very essential to take care of the body’s respiratory system. Every therapy has its benefits that can help a person recover from diseases, and more.

#6 What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy provides fresh oxygen gas to breathe. The therapy can be taken via tubes placed in the trachea (windpipe), nose, face mask, or distance nose tubes. Our blood requires oxygen and it is the most essential gas for the human body. The treatment provides a better oxygen supply in the body making the red blood cells, and white blood cells enriched with the same. This would automatically increase the body’s immunity. These therapy equipment are categorized in the medical respiratory equipment.

People with asthma, pneumonia, COPD, cystic fibrosis, sleep apnea, lung diseases, and trauma to the respiratory system need oxygen therapy.

#7 What are the types of products in Oxygen Therapy?

At Sehaaonline there are the following types of products in Oxygen Therapy-

Oxygen Cylinders- The oxygen cylinders or oxygen tanks are the storage vessels for the oxygen. They are held under pressure in gas, or liquid oxygen in a cryogenic storage tank. They are used in medical breathing when the concentration of oxygen in the lungs is compromised. It can be applied as a mask, nasal cannula, full face mask, helmet diving, BIBS, demand valve, or oxygen tent in the body. At Sehaa the best quality medical respiratory products let a person choose the best option for himself.

#8 What is Aerosol Therapy?

When a medication is required to pass directly in the air passage, or pathway, it is done with the help of aerosol therapy. It is a suspension of liquid, solid particles that are administered by medical equipment and devices. The dosing of medication is administered for medical conditions like asthma but can be beneficial to other treatments as well. The most common medications taken through the aerosols are Bronchodilators and Corticosteroids. Commonly diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis can be treated by aerosol treatment.

#9 What are the different products in Aerosol Therapy?

At Sehaaonline there are the following types of products in the Aerosol Therapy-

Air Purifiers- To remove the bacteria & viruses from the air, air purifiers are used. It is one of the respiratory care products in Dubai available at Sehaaonline. It is an air-cleaning device that can remove contaminated air.

Nebulizers- It is a drug delivery device that administers mist of air to the lungs. Many respiratory diseases and disorders can be treated by nebulizers. Its accessories are also available at Sehaaonline.

Humidifiers- It is an electrically charged appliance that increases humidity in a single room and nearby environment. It can be as water, scent, or disinfectant. At Seha Online, we have a wide range of these medical respiratory products

#10 What is Sleep Therapy?

To get better sleeping habits, and correct one’s sleeping pattern; sleep therapy is used. It is pharmacologically induced sleep with the help of various medical equipment. The disorders like insomnia, sleepwalking, night terror, narcolepsy, jet lag, restless legs syndrome, and obstructive sleep apnea can be treated by the same.

#11 What are the different types of products in sleep therapy?

At Sehaaonline there are the following types of products in Sleep Therapy-

CPAP Machines and Accessories- It is used to treat sleep apnea and deliver the oxygenated air directly to the airways. Commonly administered by the mask or tube; the required accessories can also be shopped from Sehaaonline.

BiPAP Machines and Accessories- It is a type of ventilator that can treat chronic lung conditions.

Sleep Tracker- It is a device to help monitor a person’s sleeping pattern. It measures the inactivity, and movement of the person.

All of the respiratory track devices are crucial to living in global warming, and the Covid-19 affected era. The best Respiratory Equipment in UAE can be shopped from Sehaaonline.

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