Role Of Wheelchairs - All One Needs To Know

Role Of Wheelchairs - All One Needs To Know

Wheelchairs are one of the most essential disability aids and assistive devices used in providing mobility to people with compromised lower bodies. It promotes mobility and enhances the quality of life for those who have difficulty walking. The conditions like spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, muscular dystrophy, etc can lead to compromised walking. The mobility device opens opportunities for people and allows them to study, work, and engage in social activities. These benefit the physical and quality of life by reducing problems like pressure sores, progression of deformities, and improved digestion and respiration. The two most common wheelchairs available at Sehaaonline are - power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. If you want to get affordable used wheelchairs or second hand disability aids, visit Sehaasouq.

#1. What are manual wheelchairs?

Manual wheelchairs are dependent mobility systems used as an assistive device to allow movement around without being dependent on electricity, and battery. You can self-propel the device or ask a caretaker to assist you. It is manually operated and hence the name-manual wheelchair. These have large rear wheels that can make curbs and obstacles easier to manage. The best part about these wheelchairs is their low cost. It may not be easy to use before but once you get the grip, they act like life-savers. If you are looking for the best manual wheelchairs online, Sehaaonline is the solution.

#2. How do you use a manual wheelchair?

The user has to put his or her hands on the rims of the wheelchair and push it forward. These are self-propelled and use both hands to keep the wheelchair moving ahead. It can easily handle uneven surfaces as it is made with good curbs and friction. The manual wheelchairs in UAE are exclusively used by people who met with an accident and cannot function their lower body. You need to have a working upper body to make the manual wheelchair work.

#3. How can a caregiver use the manual wheelchairs?

If you are a caregiver, your patient is required to place their feet on the platform given on the wheelchair. Once you make sure the person is sitting safe and is ready to move, with his hands not touching the wheels and legs not kept outside, you can push the manual wheelchair from the back handle. Navigate slowly and make sure the patient’s weight is purely on the wheelchair.

#4. How are manual wheelchairs beneficial?

Manual wheelchairs can be very beneficial to those who recently met with an accident. If your injury is under treatment, you can utilize these for the time being. They provide an area to exercise your upper body, are cost-effective, and are easy to operate. These give a sense of independence without using batteries and electricity. It saves the time to charge and electricity. The operation can help a person to stay active. If you are looking for a manual wheelchair in Dubai, we have the widest range of products. Buy manual wheelchairs to save money and power.

#5. What are power wheelchairs?

Power wheelchairs are motorized wheelchairs that are operated by electricity or are propelled by the help of electricity. These require nothing but charged batteries with no manual work. You just need to operate the power wheelchair with a remote to wander around. These are durable and long-lasting. If you take good care of the equipment it can last over 5 years. With regular maintenance and repairs, power wheelchairs can work wonders. Buy power wheelchairs if you can operate yourself with the equipment properly.

#6. How long can electric wheelchairs last?

Electric power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs are medical equipment that is battery operated. They need proper care and maintenance to work for longer durations. Just like every electronic device needs proper care and repair, these power wheelchairs need it too. Constant check-ups and repairs can help the wheelchair to last long. With proper care and maintenance, the power wheelchair in Dubai can last up to 5 years.

#7. How often should we charge a power wheelchair UAE?

Sehaaonline recommends charging the electric wheelchairs’ batteries for at least 8 to 14 hours after daily use. If a person uses it less frequently, he or she can charge the batteries 8 to 14 hours twice a week as a maintenance charge.

#8. What are the benefits of the power wheelchairs Dubai?

If you are looking for a power wheelchair in Dubai, you should know about its benefits and uses. These power wheelchairs are very useful. They operate on batteries. If you do not want to work manually, they can be the perfect option for you. If a person has a compromised upper body with a restricted range of motion, electric wheelchairs can help you. It has minimal manual work of operating a remote. You will be fully independent without a caretaker. These are proper medical devices and are easy to operate.

#9. How to choose a wheelchair based on clinical needs?

Whether you want a manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair, you first need to know your clinical needs. This is up to you on what you feel right and comfortable to use for a longer period. It is important to choose a wheelchair that enhances your posture and reduces the risk of any other conditions. Poor blood circulation, pressure sores, and digestive issues can be encountered if you choose the wrong chair. You should assess all these clinical needs before choosing a power wheelchair or manual wheelchair in Dubai.

#10. How to choose a wheelchair based on lifestyle?

A lifestyle is an important consideration before choosing manual and power wheelchairs. It completely depends upon the home support, storage, power source, and helping hands. If you talk about manual wheelchairs you should be concerned about ramps, stairlifts, and other adaptations. Whether or not you want to travel outside, use public transport or visit someone, these all factors are very important before choosing a wheelchair.

#11. What are the cons of a manual wheelchair?

Manual wheelchairs require you to push yourself or propel yourself when traveling. The activity requires a significant amount of muscle strain and body strength. If you can’t move your arms then the manual wheelchair cannot work for you. This is one of the drawbacks of a Manual wheelchair. If your area is full of stairs, you will not be able to lift the wheelchair or operate in such situations. A helping hand is required. Hence make sure that you have a dependency at home to carry you around.

#12. What are the cons of a power wheelchair?

The power wheelchairs are a blessing in disguise. But they are not cost-effective and require charging frequently. You cannot store the power wheelchair easily. They are larger than manual wheelchairs and are not easily portable. They do require to be stored near a power source. If the battery runs out, it can be as useless as a normal chair. Make sure you have a good power source to keep your battery charged.

Sehaaonline recommends only buying manual wheelchairs or Power wheelchairs in Dubai when you are thorough about your needs. It is very important to consider your clinical and lifestyle environment before getting a manual or power wheelchair online.

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