Sehaa Success Stories: Ferhan

Sehaa Success Stories: Ferhan

Ferhan is an individual who has had firsthand experience with stroke management. Before his mum suffered from a stroke in early 2018 at the age of 68, he possessed very little knowledge about strokes - and how they manifest.

Before we move ahead with his story, let us take you through some basic knowledge about strokes.

What Is A Stroke?

When the blood supply to the part of the brain is stopped or interrupted, a stroke occurs. It may further prevent the heart from getting the nutrients and oxygen supply. The brain cells might begin to die (based on the severity of the stroke).

A medical emergency, strokes, are not to be taken lightly. They prompt instant action for treatment.

One may experience symptoms, and effective treatments can help to cope with the same.

These symptoms can range from difficulty in speaking and understanding what others are saying, problems in eyesight, paralysis, to trouble walking and headaches.

Ferhan's mother's symptoms started off with her not being able to speak. From then on her condition began to deteriorate – and eventually paralyzed her mobility.

After Treatment & Rehabilitation

Quite rapidly, Ferhan recognised the benefits of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for his mother – as well as the advantages of medical equipment.

Consequently, Ferhan donated medical equipment to those in need through Sehaa’s platform. He saw the benefits of medical equipment for all medical conditions, as physiotherapy can be extremely costly.

During this process, Ferhan faced different challenges in the course of his mother’s battle: including breaking down the social stigmas associated with having a stroke.

There’s also high levels of stress – emotional and financial for both the person having a stroke and their family. This can be minimised with the availability of affordable medical equipment - like assistance devices and balance boards.

Ferhan also believes that carrying out thorough research on the medical condition of the person you are caring for is vital to comprehending their situation – and subsequently making suitable adjustments to facilitate them, and their recovery.

He advises that it’s always worth looking into the option of a helper so that they can assist the patient in day-to-day activities.

Having occupied the role as a primary caregiver of his mother, Ferhan urges those to consider Sehaaonline.

As an online healthcare marketplace solution in UAE, the team at Sehaaonline are committed to helping people by making durable medical equipment affordable and accessible. So much so that they’ve served more than 10,000 customers over the last four years.

Finding a team that has expertise in durable medical equipment and assisted living is half the battle - but when they truly understand the medical condition of clients – and provide help in the aftermath, that’s what makes Sehaaonline stand out.

Wrapping Thoughts

Acquiring emotional support for the person affected and their family is also crucial as it can be devastating watching the gradual decline of someone you love. Getting allies and communicating with others who’ve been through similar situations is a wise idea - particularly in the beginning.

Ferhan ultimately believes that motivating a stroke victim - or anyone who has been inflicted with a medical condition - is instrumental to their recovery. And Sehaaonline can help to achieve this.

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