Shower Chair Guide: Here’s How to Choose

Shower Chair Guide: Here’s How to Choose

Age brings a lot of changes. As one reaches the age of 60, they begin experiencing balance and mobility issues. Recurrent falls, lack of loco controls, and balancing issues are commonly faced by the elderly.

These issues not only affect walking and standing but interfere with daily chores. One of the most challenging of them all is bathroom activities. It is medically recommended to get bath safety products for the elderly. These help to prevent falls, and bathroom-related injuries. This is done by investing in the right help, and product. It is a key to independent living, and not compromising on one‘s privacy. One of the key bathroom products is a shower chair.

What are Shower Chairs?

A Shower chair is a type of bathroom aid. It is a water-resistant chair or stool that is also called a shower seat, or a bath seat. It is designed to be placed in a bathtub or a shower. People prefer using shower chairs over grab bars, and safety rails. The former provides more safety and balance. These chairs are also comfortable to rest in while bathing.

Shower chairs are a blessing in disguise to those seniors who get tired easily. They no longer need to stand, and bathe. Just sit on the shower chair, and relax! The elderly who are showing signs of imbalance, getting tired easily, or experiencing weakness in the legs may benefit from shower chairs. But one cannot choose just any chair. There are many factors to consider before the purchase.

Let’s go through some of the tips to assess the right type of shower chair. These tips may help your loved one get safe, and secure medical equipment.

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Shower Chairs

1. Overall size

Make sure to note the bathroom dimensions. You also have to see the shower seat‘s overall dimensions. Measure the area where the chair will be placed. It will ensure that your senior has enough space to move.

2. Seat Size, Height, and Shape

The shower seat needs to be steady, and comfortable. Your seniors should feel safe. Measure the backside’s width of the elderly (on a flat surface). Your seat should be wider than this measurement. This is done to prevent sliding or falling off the shower chair.

There are different shapes of shower seats. Look at the shape and curve of the seat with back support. Your elderly may need a shower chair with arm handles or armrests.

The last feature to consider in a shower chair is height. Make sure the chair has height-adjusting properties. It’s important to add convenience for the elderly.

3. Weight Capacity

The shower chair should be able to bear the weight of the elderly. It should also remain steady.

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4. Materials

Always see the material used in shower chairs. Apart from being stable, they have to be durable. Look for rust-resistant materials! Usually, shower chairs are available in plastic, aluminum, and steel.

Customers prefer combination options wherein the seat is made of plastic, and the legs are made of steel/aluminum. People may also look for a shower chair with holes. It ensures durability, and no water retention, mold & mildew.

5. Padded Feet Versus Suction

Feet type is another key factor to consider in purchasing a shower chair. It ensures the sturdiness of the equipment. These chairs are wet on the surface and feature rubber, slip-resistant feet.

If your loved one has severe balancing issues, we recommend a shower chair with suction cups. Suction cups secure the bench to the floor and tub. It prevents the elderly from slipping.

Wrapping Thoughts

There are many other factors to consider before buying a foldable shower chair. The first and foremost is the comfort of the elderly.

These equipment are more than wellness products. These help the elderly to be independent and carry out their daily tasks privately. They also ensure their safety and prevent potential injuries.

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