Take My Medical Equipment - A Sehaasouq’s Initiative

Take My Medical Equipment - A Sehaasouq’s Initiative

The year 2020 taught us many things. The challenge to meet the medical requirements and demands in the world made many nations suffer.

With the rapid demand in the healthcare industry, the prices for the equipment increased. After all that is how the business world works, the more in demand, the more in price.

We all focused on catering to the needs of people in a more effective manner. Medical companies started delivering home medical equipment.

The world of healthcare advanced with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis. They rapidly integrated into the devices to enhance decision-making, monitoring, and performance capabilities.

These are no longer used by commercial healthcare providers but also by end-users.

Medical equipment benefits us all. But can everyone afford those pricey devices?

An electric wheelchair that can recline or stand, a portable shower in bed equipment, or smart devices like KeyX, etc, are some of the products that not everyone can afford.

We all have needs. Some people may need medical equipment but cannot afford it due to the price. You may get rental products for acute disorders or disabilities, but for chronic challenges, it gets hard.

Donate Or Sell You Products

Many of us may afford a product, use it, and keep it ideally lying in the home- space.

If you had an elderly or loved one, who once used an electric wheelchair or someone who has recovered from a disability and no longer requires a medical product, you can now donate or sell to Sehaasouq.

Sehaasouq, an online marketplace providing services to sell and buy used healthcare products and rent medical equipment in the UAE understands the common needs of humans. It is an extended arm of Sehaaonline for those who cannot afford new medical equipment in Dubai.

Our ideology is to serve the people in need and make medical assistance affordable.

Take My Medical Equipment is the Sehaasouq’s initiative to help people donate or sell their durable medical products like wheelchairs, hospital beds, canes, crutches, commode chairs, etc. Our team will collect your products from home.

You can visit the website - https://sehaasouq.com/take-my-medical-equipment and fill out the given form. Just pick a time slot, and you are good to go! All the used products will be refurbished before the sale.

The drive can clear your space, and help someone in need. You can also donate your medical equipment.

Proliferation Of Home Medical Equipment

Thanks to the lockdown, many people learned how to use medical equipment like oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, blood-pressure machines, pulsimeters, oximeters, etc.

More and more people are opting to diagnose and stay at home to cater their casual medical needs. The dependency on clinical support decreased with durable home medical products.

People no longer need to spend money and time on blood sugar tests. These kits are easily available at home. Home medical equipment provides greater cost benefits to economically weaker sections of society.

Drives like, Take My Medical Equipment can make the task much easier. The more products are donated; the more we can work together and fight medical equipment affordability.

People procure affordable medical healthcare equipment and save recurring tests and medical expense costs.

Cheaper and more accurate medical products are being donated with rental and second-hand services around the world. Neoshine Healthcare worked on the same and started the drive called Take My Medical Equipment.

Home Medical Equipment - The Need Of The Hour

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many people, particularly those with comorbidities, expressed concern.

These conditions necessitate continuous monitoring of the patients' vitals, which people prefer to do at home in the aftermath of the pandemic. It is important for both healthcare providers and patients.

The self-monitoring at home reduces the risk of both caregivers and patients contracting Covid-19 or other infections.

Modern medical devices provide remote monitoring features via the internet and smartphone.

Healthcare providers can see the patient's condition in real-time without having to visit a physical facility such as a hospital or clinic.

Donating your medical equipment can help people and even save their lives.

Final Thoughts

Even after the pandemic has been contained and normalcy has been restored, medical devices will continue to play an important, enabling role.

They will ensure consistent and high-quality healthcare access in every corner of the country, even where physical healthcare and diagnostic facilities are not available.

People with chronic disorders or medical conditions may suffer psychologically, mentally, and physically. Some fear medical cost-expenses to further degrade their health, some fear visiting the hospitals now and then, and some may not get the appropriate treatment and equipment for assistance.

Be it any reason, those who can help others should play their part.

Donating can help you save someone’s life.

Donating can help you feel content within.

Take My Medical Equipment is initiated with the same mindset. Without a doubt, healthcare transformation is a must, and personal/portable medical devices are the way of the future.

Donate now!

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