Tips On How To Take Care For Bedridden Elderly At Home

Tips On How To Take Care For Bedridden Elderly At Home

Old age is called the second childhood that can make your loved ones depend on your care and support. They get more prone to diseases, illnesses, vulnerabilities, and infections. Some who get the worst effects may also get bedridden.

For bedridden elderly, taking care of and nurturing them gets more challenging. Many physical and psychological factors can influence. The stress of taking care of after work, and making sure to get them the right needs can stress the caretaker as well.

Here are some tips that can help you cope with the stress of taking care of the bedridden elderly at home.

#1. Basic Hygiene Needs

Bedridden elderly can have a hard time performing basic hygiene routines like dental care and bathing. Hence, looking for their basic hygiene needs is important. If your loved ones can bathe themselves, shift them to a bath chair and give them a sponge. Trim their finger and toenail to avoid infections or unnecessary scratches.

Get them a bowl of water, and a toothbrush to brush. These little initiates can help them cope with the situation and make them live longer as well.

#2. Shower In Bed

Showering in bed is one of the services offered by Sehaasouq that can assist your loved one to take a bath in bed. For the elderly who cannot bathe themselves and are unable to get up from bed, Aquabuddy Home, a medical portable equipment shower can help you take an easy shower at home. Aquabuddy Home is a portable shower that converts any bed into a bathtub by using a waterproof sheet.

Our team of medical professionals will reach out to your home and assist your loved ones. You can visit, and book your shower in bed. You don't just get a trusted health care companion with Sehaasouq's Care at Home services; you also get a mix of individualized care and attention. Our committed team of skilled specialists provides care in the comfort of your own home.

#3. Change Their Bedsheets

Food stains, dirt, and other skin dirt particles are common on bedsheets. These get worse if you have a bedridden elderly at home. The more time spent in bed, the more infectious the sheets become. Change the pillowcases along with the sheets regularly. Make sure to change them every 2-3 days to avoid infections, and maintain hygiene. If you bought a new bed sheet, wash it properly before use. If these sheets are not changed regularly, it can cause dark patches, blisters, wrinkles, and worst- bed sores.

Bed Sores the blisters and skin sores developed due to body touches with the sheets. Make sure to avoid them and check constantly if your loved one has developed any. They will appear on the side of the skin that touched the sheet. You can opt for cotton or silk bed sheets. These materials are smooth and do not cause bed sores.

The Elderly usually get bed sores on the shoulders, buttocks, back, back of the head, and feet. Keep them hydrated and apply cream or lotion to soothe the sores.

#4. Check For Chest Infections

Unrequired fluid buildup in the chest can be caused due to prolonged hours in bed. The bedridden elderly may frequently complain about cough and discomfort in sleeping. These chest infections can cause pneumonia and congestion.

As the caretaker, ensure that the elderly are getting their position changed every two hours. Rotation can help ease the symptoms of a cough. You can opt for electric beds that have height positioning and other adjustable properties. These can help them to breathe easily and comfortably.

Apart from the pet positioning and other height adjustment, make sure to provide them with a good diet.

#5. Good Diet

A nutritious diet is a key answer to all health worries. It includes the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and other vitamins and minerals along with the water. Make sure they get good quality fruits and vegetables included in their diet and eat timely. A well-balanced diet with a healthy routine can ensure good health in life.

Record all the diets they are taking, make sure they get an optimal amount of calories in a day, and keep a track of their nutritional value. These can also help you inform the doctor as well. Take consultations with the doctors and dietician to set a diet chart and other food supplements if needed.

#6. Surroundings

Taking care of the bedridden and elderly is not just restricted to food, bedsheets, and hygiene demands. These all are the physical attributes of caretaking.

Immediate surroundings can have positive and negative effects on your loved one. The surroundings can play a psychological impact on their lives.

For example, if you keep them in a space where there is no sunlight or window, it will interfere with their treatment whereas if you keep them in an open environment with windows and fresh air, they will feel alive.

Hence, assuring that they are kept in a safe and healthy environment is essential for their mental health as well. Keep a table near the bed where they can keep a book, spectacles or water, and other essentials.

#7. Talk To Them

We all need emotional support to survive. Apart from taking care of their daily needs and requirements, it is important to talk to them. Be their friend, communicate, listen and make sure they laugh with you!

The Elderly love to talk about their childhood memories and movies. Make them talk by reminding them about the little precious things in life. You can also teach them technology and how to use social media.

Watch a movie together or a photo album. These activities can calm their brain and not make them think about their health.

#8. Wrapping Up

Elderly care at home can be easy if you take these necessary steps. Nurture them with love and care, and they won’t complain!

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