Walking With Ease With Medical Walkers

Walking With Ease With Medical Walkers

Got an elderly at home? The struggle of the elderly to move around the home is hard. They are not able to live freely, perform household activities, and maintain a social life.

While doctors recommend various clinical and psychological therapies, nothing beats mobility aids. These aids are assistive devices that help seniors to move out and about, climb stairs, and walk around freely at home. They grant freedom of movement and stabilize seniors to let them perform daily household activities.

These devices range from as simple as a cane or crutch, walkers, to as complex as a wheelchair. In this blog, we will talk about medical walkers. Who needs walkers? How do they assist the elderly? Can they help one to climb stairs? Let’s dig in!

Who Needs Walkers?

Walkers are an active support system. These are used by people with the following issues-

1. People who have difficulty bearing the weight of their bodies. It may be due to old age.

2. People who have difficulty maintaining body balance. It may be due to conditions like Vertigo.

3. People who experience shortness of breath. It may be due to respiratory issues or heart disease.

4. People who need rehabilitation after a stroke or hospitalization.

5. People who have acute medical conditions like osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or Hemiplegia.

6. People with injuries related to legs or thighs.

7. People with postural problems.

8. People who have a weak upper body.

9. Those who are suffering from arthritis or have a fear of falling (age-related).

Walkers For Elderly

Walkers for the elderly and seniors should be chosen carefully. It is imperative to go through its proper functioning, authenticity, mode of use, and other configurations before you purchase/ rent a walker.

Before choosing a walker, make sure it has the following attributes-

1. The walker has a comfortable, sweat-resistant handle grip.

2. The walker is durable and can handle the body weight of your elderly.

3. It easily adjusts to the senior’s height.

4. The walker has a tripod base to handle excess body weight.

5. An attribute to make it unique for the given concern.

Types Of Walkers For Seniors

1. Anterior Safety Walker

The anterior safety walker is for those who have safety and balance concerns. The patient is at the center of the roller. The walker provides overall posture support and is ideal for people with limited hand functions, or limited cognizance about the surroundings.

2. Wheeled Walkers

Wheeled walkers are fitted with wheels. They provide easy and smooth mobility. The wheels are present at the front and are fixed to not let the user lose their balance. The stiff wheels slide in one direction and are used by the elderly who want their lower body to move the least. It is also beneficial for those who have low upper body strength and endurance. The wheeled walkers are fit to traverse uneven areas.

3. Folding Walkers

Folding walkers have foldable legs that are easy to store. They work best for patients who need to travel. These have a push-button mechanism that easily folds the legs of the walkers. These walkers are easily stored and are the best solution for those who are always on a run! Easy to manage and provides peace of mind.

4. Rollators

Rollators are walkers with four wheels. These models have swivel wheels that come with a hand brake. The hand brakes provide easy and best movement options. Some of the rollators also have seats and baskets. They are suitable for those with paralytic conditions like polio, or seniors who cannot walk for long and need frequent rest.

5. Knee Walkers

Knee walkers are uniquely designed medical equipment that comes with a 3 or 4-wheel walking mechanism. They allow users to propel themselves with one leg (forward leg). The other leg can be rested on a supportive platform. Seniors who recently recovered from foot surgery, sprains, breaks, ulcers, or amputations can use knee walkers.

Can A Walker Help In Climbing Stairs?

Yes, a Walker can help in climbing stairs. Stairs are non-plain surfaces that cannot be manoeuver with wheelchairs, canes, or crutches. This is when you need a stair walker. These special devices are made to assist a person to climb stairs.

The elderly who have access to the whole house but not stairs are often seen as depressed. They might want to see the roof and chill!

Thanks to the stair Walker, it can all be done in a hassle-free manner. People can climb stairs with security. These walkers secure the user and provide fall prevention.

Stair Walker for the disabled is made with a special hard grip. They are easy to operate with strong structure and rigidity. The frame doesn’t change or move until the user wants it. People who recently went through a total hip replacement surgery can use the stair climbing Walker. They help people to feel ‘normal’ again.

Sehaasouq provides stair walker rentals in the UAE. You can rent a stair Walker on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Which Stair Walker Is Available For Rent?

Rehamo Stair walker is available for rent on Sehaasouq. It is a height-adjustable walker with a four-legged mechanism. Made with aluminum alloy, the walker is lightweight and suitable for seniors, women, adults, and men. It’s easy to port and has a one-push button mechanism.

Wrapping Up

To carry out their daily life activities, walkers are used exclusively by seniors. These are used to maintain balance and stability. Granting freedom to those in need, these devices can either be purchased or rented. Make sure to go through product descriptions before the purchase. If you have any product-related queries, feel free to reach out to us!

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