Wheelchairs, Crutches, Or Knee Scooters - What To Choose?

Wheelchairs, Crutches, Or Knee Scooters - What To Choose?

After an unfortunate leg injury, doctors advise off-loading the body weight from the injured limb. They recommend using mobility aids. Mobility aids like wheelchairs, crutches, or knee scooters or commonly used to speed recovery. With so many options in the market, one can get confused.

Here’s a quick comparison of these leg mobility aids so that you can make a better decision. However, we also recommend consulting your doctor before opting for the right option!


Crutches are the most common mobility aid in the market. They have been here since the ancient Egyptians and were used extensively to correct the posture of people.

Today crutches are much improved with adjusting, and comforting properties. But their basic form and function remain the same.

These are pretty basic mobility aids that can support your body frame. They are small and light in weight which makes them portable.

Crutches can also navigate through narrow hallways and spaces like bathrooms or small rooms. You can even use them on the stairs, perform workout sessions on the upper body, and not worry about injuries. These are easy to use and are known to be the cheapest mobility aid option in the market.

Although crutches have many drawbacks as well. People with good upper body strength can only use the crutches properly as it requires the strength to hold. If you don’t have good upper body strength, you may lose balance and fall. 

These are also not as stable as wheelchairs or knee scooters. On the slippery services, they can be difficult to maneuver. Even with the proper feet, these can cause pain in the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Crutches Are a good option for people with decent upper body strength. They are also beneficial for acute injuries and for those who have to use the stairs frequently. Make sure these are adjusted to your height to reduce arm pain and improve stability.


Invented in 1783, wheel shoes or one of the oldest mobility equipment used. If you want to carry things in your lap, or feel more comfortable, opt for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs offer more stability with no balancing effort. It can be used as a moving seat that can either be manually assisted or electrically controlled.

One of the major drawbacks of a wheelchair is its size. Although there are many foldable and portable options available, you still need someone to get the equipment in and out of a vehicle or a room.

You may not be able to navigate small spaces or use them on the stairs. They don’t offer any exercise for the injured leg and can make a person lazy.

If you have balancing issues with poor upper body strength, opt for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are used for chronic conditions that require a longer recovery period.

Knee Scooters

If you are looking for a medium option between a crutch and a wheelchair, go for a knee scooter! Knee scooters or knee walkers or modern medical mobility equipment. They are portable and provide more stability than a wheelchair. These are equipped with a basket that can help you carry things around.

Knee scooters have a standing position that can help you with routine tasks. They keep the uninjured leg working so that it doesn’t become weak during recovery.

Knee scooters have drawbacks as well. These cannot be used on stairs and can be difficult to transport. They cannot be used if your knee is already injured. And finally, it is one of the most expensive mobility aids available on the market.

If you have optimal mobility and want to keep your injured leg active, go for a knee scooter!

Wrapping Up

Sehaaonline provides an extensive range of mobility medical equipment in Dubai. We have comprehensive options available for each category.

Everyone has specific needs. One should consult their doctor before opting for the right medical equipment. Make sure to do complete R&D before making a purchase!

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