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What is Shoulder Pain?

What most people refer to as the shoulder is a group of joints that work together with tendons and muscles to allow the arm to move. It provides a wide range of motion. For example, you can scratch your back to throwing the perfect pitch!

Mobility, on the other hand, comes at a cost. It may worsen your shoulder's instability or impingement of soft tissue or bony structures, resulting in pain. You may experience pain solely when moving your shoulder, or you may experience pain all of the time. The pain may be transient or it may persist and necessitate medical evaluation and treatment.

The braces are responsible for-

1. Giving heat and protection to the affected area.

2. Casting the back with a controlled range of motion.

3. Promoting blood flow.

4. Stopping the additional injuries.

Sehaaonline has a comprehensive and collective range of shoulder support in Dubai. With varying sizes, comfort, material, and types of braces; all our shoulder braces are quality graded and branded supports.

Types of shoulder braces

1. Shoulder Immobilizer

A shoulder immobilizer is intended to keep your arm pressed against your body. It's used when you need to reduce the amount of movement in your shoulder due to an injury. These injuries include a shoulder dislocation or a shoulder fracture, which can be caused by moving your shoulder too much. You should wear the immobilizer at all times or as directed by your doctor. This will keep other individuals from yanking on your arm inadvertently. It also prevents you from sleeping in an inappropriate position or moving your shoulder into a position that could aggravate your condition.

2. Shoulder orthoses

Most shoulder orthoses (SOs) are designed to preserve the glenohumeral joint from subluxation induced by flaccid hemiplegia or shoulder joint capsule injury. A sling is the most basic and extensively used SO. There are numerous different types of slings, but the most popular are single-strap, multiple-strap, and humeral-cuff slings. A canvas forearm support is attached to a strap that is placed over the contralateral shoulder in a standard single-strap sling. The forearm support can be a single piece of fabric or separated into proximal and distal forearm parts.

3. Sling Abduction

Shoulder abduction is a movement of the arm away from the body, as opposed to shoulder adduction, which is a movement toward the center of the body. The middle deltoid and supraspinatus muscles of the shoulder work together to elevate the arm away from the side of the body during shoulder abduction. This sling's intended role is to transmit the weight of the forearm on the patient's back and unaffected shoulder while abducting the arm away from the body at 10°-15° for shoulder rehabilitation.

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