Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Renter understands and agrees to the following:

1. The Crutch is property of Neoshine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC and is delivered in good and undamaged condition. The Renter will return the equipment in the same condition.

2. The equipment is rented for a certain period as required by the renter. If an extension is required, the Renter must provide Neoshine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC, with at least 24 hours prior notice.

3. Neoshine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC is not liable or responsible for any incident or injury, indirect or consequential damages caused by negligence or otherwise.

4. The Renter agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold Neoshine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC from and against all claims, damages, and costs including legal expenses arising out of the use of the equipment.

5. The Renter is responsible for the crutchand will reimburse to Neoshine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC, upon demand due to any damage, theft, loss or destruction.

    The charges for the damage are as follows

  • AED 110+VAT for Axillary Crutches
  • AED 160+VAT for Forearm Crutches
  • AED 300+VAT for FDI Elbow Crutches

6. Failure to return the equipment on the agreed date, will result in a fee of AED 10+VAT/day until the date of return.

7. The agreed amount will be paid at the time of delivery and a copy of the Renters Emirates ID or Passport will be provided upon delivery.

8. No refund will be made if the renter decides to return the crutches before the rental closure date.

9. Neoshine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC with refund 50% amount if the renter pays in advance for the rental and later decides to cancel the rental of the crutches. This is only possible if the cancellation request is made upto 24 hours prior to the rental date.


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