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Physiotherapy and Fitness Equipment Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for physiotherapy equipment, fitness equipment, and exercise equipment, you have to come to the right place. Sehaaonline helps you compare products from the top manufacturers. We are one of the leading fitness equipment stores in UAE and serve healthcare facilities and caregivers at home in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other areas.

Buy Popular Physio Supplies in UAE by Category

Whole Body Exercise

Get high-quality physio supplies including Exercise Ball, Exercise Stations, Exercise MatsandBalance Discsfor whole body exercise. Our best home workout equipment help you stay fit and avoid diseases.

Extremity Exercise

For unstoppable fitness freaks, we have the best fitness equipment including Exercise Band, Pedal Exercisers, Exercise Bars, Exercise Putty, Fine Motor Exercise Kit, and Weight Cuffs. We also have best home fitness equipment for Hand Therapy and Hydrotherapy.


Our fitness products in wellness category include wellness shoes, Massager, wellness pillows, slimming belt and suits and weighting scales.


Buy fitness equipment for electrotherapy including Electrical Muscles Stimulator – EMS, Tens Machine, and Continuous Passive Motion – CPM.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Physio supplies like ice wrist elbow wrap, cold therapy socks, ice foot and ankle wrap with cold pack, Large Knee Wrap Cold Therapy, Tynor Hot and Cold Pack, Hot and Cold Vibration Massager, and Wrist Wrap are helpful in recovering from momentary pain and swellings.

Shoulder and Neck

Overdoor shoulder pulley and reciprocating pulley are the best-seller in the shoulder and neck physiotherapy equipment.

Fitness Products Online Dubai, UAE

Sehaaonline helps you buy physiotherapy equipment, exercise equipment and home fitness equipment online at the best price. Compare products from the top brands by features, prices and reviews. You may also consult us to know about the suitability of product to your health condition.

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