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What are cold packs or ice packs?

Cold packs or ice packs are equipment that provides ‘cool’ to the injured area and are used for the following reasons-

1. It numbs the affected area and eases the pain caused by an accidental sprain or bruise.

2. An ice pack can reduce inflammation and swelling. It causes a strain at the affected area and stops internal bleeding if any. A bluish blue can be observed later due to a blood pool.

3. It also reduced bleeding by stopping internal bleeding.

How are the ice wraps beneficial?

An ice wrap can be very beneficial to those who are active in their physical activity. Especially for those who gym, play sports, or do marathons. The ice treatment can also be called a medical ice pack when a person injures himself or herself. An injury like tendonitis or bursitis can damage internal tissues. The ice wraps or cold wrap will numb the affected area and reduce the pain and tenderness. Cold is beneficial and can stop inflammation and swelling.

It protects the body’s tissue and slows the metabolic rate by reducing the swelling in the affected area. The ice packs for pain relief mainly treat ocular allergies (eye wounds) but are now widely used to treat arthritis, muscle wounds of shoulders, ankles, legs, and back, plantar fasciitis, elbow joints, hips, breasts, and other injuries.

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