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What is a hot pack?

A hot pack is applied to the body to relieve pain, swelling, and promotes healing of an open wound or an internal bruise. It is highly recommended after a cold compression in cases of bruises or abrasions.

A hot pack therapy can be used to treat several problems like arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, cramps during PMS, and other body-related pains. The muscle stiffness and pain cause such issues that only a heating treatment can cure. It relaxes the muscles and expands the region. This promotes relaxation, and aids in muscle stiffness, joint stiffness, and pain management.

When is the hot pack for pain relief recommended?

The hot pack for pain relief is used for chronic, long-lasting problems (in cases of tension or tightness to be loosened). There are many ranges of this like electrical heating pads, microwave-driven bean bags, hot water bottles, and gel packs.

It dilates the blood vessels and improves blood flow. The procedure helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the damaged cells and hence promotes healing.

Heat can-

1. Increase mobility

2. Manage pain in a better way

3. Aid in muscle and joint stiffness.

To avoid burns, one should not apply heat for more than 20 minutes. Hot treatment can be dangerous if used without a doctor’s supervision. After learning the technique one can do it on its own. Sehaaonline has a variety of heating pads and equipment. They can be categorized as following-

1. heat pack for back pain

2. heating pad for knee arthritis

3. hot pack for pain relief

4. heat pad for shoulder pain

5. PMS heating pads

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