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Buy Standing Lifter, Sit to Stand Lifter & Stand Up Lifter for Patient in Dubai

Sehaaonline, one of the leading online marketplaces for hoist transfer and patient lifts hoists, offers best quality full sling lifter and patient lifter hoist at a competitive price. Choose medical hoist lift, bed hoists or stand up lifter by the features, weight capacity, price and other parameters.

What Are Patient Lifters and Slings

A patient lifter is an essential equipment for assisting elderly and bedridden patients to get up and shift. The hoist for elderly is highly versatile in transferring patients from the chair or sofa to the bathroom from the daily bath or even taking them to the toilet bowl to facilitate their excretory functions. The standing lifter machine for patient also helps to save the caregiver and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries that might occur from moving or lifting the patients in the traditional way. The height of the patient lifter hoist seat is generally adjustable up to 10 levels by just pulling the latch and lift up the seat at the base of the chair.

All of the wheels of these patient lifters have foot-operated brakes to prevent the chair from slipping while in use, this feature helps anyone especially elderly people to prevent falls in the bathroom. The brakes can be activated by just stepping on the bottom lever and on the top lever to release it, the handle can be designed to be fully functional and can be used in the front or rear where it can be used by the patient to support themselves or for pushing the lifter machine for patients which sometimes also comes with a complimentary extra seat cushion where the patient can use when seated over a long period of time. Another feature of the patient lifter machine is that it can double as a toilet seat in the event that we do not want to move the patient to the bathroom the chair is designed to accommodate the excretion bin under the seat.

Sometimes it is difficult for caretakers to lift patients while taking care of them hence this lifter for patients help in providing that extra support to the caretakers. Patient lifters are not made to solve all the lifting challenges, but it does diminish the stress and strain placed on the caretakers. A standup lifter is basically a piece of assisting equipment that has features like a well-designed push bar for improved functionality, enhancing and eases comfort during the transfer of patients. These are designed for people who can bear their weight but cannot lift themself and cannot perform actions like sit to sit or sit to stand without any support. In these cases, a sit to stand lifter usually provides the support to help the patient perform mobility functions.

Patient Lifters and Slings in UAE: Best Choices

Power patient lifters

Transfer and handle patients with absolute safety and comfort using electricity operated lifter for patient. Choose the elderly or disabled lifting hoist having varying hoist capacity to handle regular or overweight patients. Our patient lifting equipment pieces are sourced from the top manufacturers that are known for making products featuring outstanding safety, functionality, reliability, and handling. Buy patient bed lifter, patient hoist & lifting equipment from top brands like Drive Medical, Dupont, HMS Vilgo, Nausicca, Rehamo, Sunrise Medical, and Tecnimoen-Spain.

Patient slings

The patient lifter sling is placed under and around patients who have mobility issues to assist them shift safely from one place to another. It’s often required during patient admission, shift from one healthcare unit to another, or to help them shift to an ambulance or van after getting discharged. The hoist patient transfer system is also useful at home as caregivers can help their loved ones shift easily.

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