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What are Incontinence Pads?

An incontinence pad is a tiny, impermeable multi-layered sheet with high absorbency that is used as a precaution against urinary incontinence in the health-care industries. It is usually made of cotton that is washable or paper if it is disposable. Incontinence diapers are a popular type of incontinence pad aids. Incontinence pads are specifically developed to absorb urine flow while also protecting the skin from moisture and irritation. If you are looking for incontinence medical supplies in Dubai- we are the right platform for you.

Sehaaonline offers incontinence products for men, elderly, and women. All are designed according to the specific needs of the people. These needs can decide on the type of incontinence product to opt for. The needs can be as follows-

1. Urine urges

2. Comfort

3. Cost

4. Durability

5. Use

6. Odour control

7. Bladder control

Urinary incontinence pads and inserts - You may have experimented with using sanitary pads to control pee leakage. These products, however, are not designed to absorb urine. As a result, they are less effective. Urine leak pads can absorb a lot more fluid than sanitary pads. They have a waterproof backing as well. These pads should be worn inside your underwear. Get the best pads for urinary incontinence at Sehaaonline.

Buy incontinence products for women and men in Dubai

The most common incontinence aids are absorbent pads used inside underwear to absorb urine discharge. Pads and pull-up pants use the same technology as baby diapers, with a "hydrophobic" layer that pulls urine away from the product's surface. This keeps your skin dry.

Sehaaonline sells thin, unobtrusive pads or pull-up trousers for men and women who suffer mild to moderate incontinence. You can get adult incontinence pads in Dubai with exclusive discounts and offers.

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