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What is a ROM elbow support used for?

A ROM elbow support or ROM elbow brace is medical equipment providing the desired ROM or the range of motion to the elbow. These are specially made and tailored to give the perfect fit. The ROM elbow brace provides a range of adjustable elbow extensions. It can be used post immobilization or surgery. When your elbow joint is compromised and cannot work, it is recommended to get the hinged elbow brace. Sehaaonline exclusively provides medical products like hinged ROM elbow brace in Dubai. We work on quality and provide our customers the best.

Listed are the functions of the ROM elbow support in the UAE-

1. Immobilisation of the elbow in 10-15 increments.

2. Limitation to the range of motion with adjustable hinges.

3. used for post-operative reasons and when the elbow joint requires a control ROM.

4. It is a conservative treatment. If you have elbow dislocation or subluxation, minor fractures of humerus or ulna.

Features of the hinged ROM elbow brace in Dubai

1. The ROM elbow brace is transcendent with overall adjustability.

2. Sehaaonline’s ROM elbow support has simple press and rotate settings.

3. Length adjustment can be done with just one push button.

4. extension limitation is up to 90 degrees

5. Flexion limitation is up to 90 degrees.

6. Length adjustment is very comfortable for a hinged elbow brace.

7. It has breathable laminated soft foam material. This offers air moisture and permeability.

8. The Donjoy hinged elbow brace is available for both hands and fits all.

We have all the required products as per your requirement. You will be better guided by our help book provided with each product. Sehaaonline makes sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

One can easily wear the hinged elbow brace even while sleeping. The products have soothing and comforting properties that make the injured elbow tendons relaxed. The pressure has easily reduced that aids in fast recovery.

Shop the best from Sehaaonline

We offer the best ROM elbow brace prices in Dubai. Our product’s quality speaks for itself. We believe in a bulk-buying business that makes all the healthcare products nominal and pocket-friendly.

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