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What is Casting?

Casting is medical support that is given externally with the help of footwear (a shoe) to support the affected area. It can be due to accidents, fractures, or other structural issues.

Post-operative shoes, off-loading shoes, and other cast boots are medical devices that are only worn after a leg surgery or for other postoperative reasons to protect the feet, toes, and ankles from injury.

They are also known as post-operative shoes, off-loading surgery shoes, or post-op cast shoes. The canvas boot is large and has a hard surface. It comes with a hard sole, fabric or mesh sides, and adjustable straps.

Sehaaonline has a wide range of post-ankle Surgery shoes in Dubai. They are open in the front to allow room for toes. The product facilitates movement following a post-operative or surgical procedure. You will be able to walk without discomfort. With our product, we include care and a guidebook. The post-op ortho shoes are simple to use and provide excellent post-surgery or surgical care.

Applications of the casting Boots

1. It should be worn while sitting comfortably. The open-toe surgical shoe is simple to wear.

2. Close the fabric or mesh sides over the top of your feet after application.

3. The off-loading recovery shoe's straps should be closed so that it does not snug. It shouldn't be too tense.

4. The post-op foot shoe should not restrict your blood flow or prevent you from moving completely.

5. Following the application, you should practice walking by taking a few steps around the room.

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