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What are Cast Shoes?

When a patient is in a foot cast, a cast shoe (tapered sole) replaces the functions of a normal shoe. It prevents excessive cast wear and tear while reducing impact on the wounded leg and ensures a high level of sanitation. The cast shoe for walking also enhances the patient's gait while wearing a foot cast. The design makes it simple to put on and take off. The shoe has the following features-

1. Light weight

2. Tapered and comfortable sole

3. Sturdy construction

4. Easy to wear

5. Easy to remove

Features of the cast shoes for adults-

1. The shoe soles of the cast shoes are exceptionally light in weight and have the necessary heel height, tapering towards the toe. These improve the patient's balance while wearing a foot cast, restores normal gait, and increases the ease of walking while wearing a foot cast. It aids with the early stages of ambulation.

2. The upper consists of a sturdy fabric that covers the foot's plaster cast, preventing wear and tear/mechanical damage to the foot cast, as well as soiling and moisture.

3. The shoe's unique hook loop fastening system provides for easy donning and removal, adjustable fitting, and an excellent hold on the cast.

4. Following foot, ankle, or toe surgery, cast shoes are worn in place of the patient's ordinary shoes. During rehabilitation, the medical shoe keeps the foot pleasant and protected. Walking with an uncovered foot can be unpleasant and expose the foot to injury if it is bumped.

Buy cast shoes & plaster shoes in Dubai

Sehaaonline is a medical equipment provider that provides cast shoes for adults in Dubai. You can choose from a comprehensive range of medical products and equipment in the country. This Post Op Cast Shoe is worn by patients with hard plaster casts to match the height of the opposing foot in a conventional shoe. The rocker sole promotes a natural walking motion, preventing overcompensation from causing strain on other joints.

When walking outside, it also keeps the cast clean. The lightweight shoe, sometimes known as cast sandals, has an open toe-box design with hook and loop straps. For individuals recovering from bunion or hammertoe surgery, an open-toe is required to relieve pressure on sensitive toes. Donning and doffing is made simple by the straps. Although some post-op shoes have laces, the vast majority have hook-and-loop closures.

Shop and buy cast shoes in the UAE

We have the finest range of products within the country. Sehaaonline delivers all over the United Arab Emirates. We have an easy return and exchange policy according to the terms and conditions.

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