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Buy First Aid Kits & First Aid Box in Dubai

First aid kits are the most essential medical equipment that are used for first aid medical emergencies. Sehaaonline provides first aid kit items and a first aid bag in Dubai where you can find all the essential medical needs like bandages, doctor’s tape, splinting bandage, and much more. The home first aid kit is a handy medical equipment that can help people to deal with medical emergencies like an accident, a normal wound, or any other injury. It is important to keep a well-stocked first aid kit in your home in order to deal with small accidents and injuries. Your first aid kit should be kept locked and out of reach of youngsters in a cold, dry place. Many people keep a simple first-aid kit in their car in case of an emergency.

What should the kit include?

Sehaaonline provides medical kit box equipment in Dubai. The main components of these first aid kit supplies are-

1. Adhesive tape

2. Elastic wrap bandages

3. Bandage strips

4. Super glue

5. Rubber tourniquet

6. Non Stick sterile bandages

7. Large bandage

8. Finger splint

9. Cold packs

10. Cotton balls

11. Disposable gloves

12. Duct tape

13. Petroleum jelly

14. Plastic bags

15. Safety pins

16. Scissors

17. Tweezers

18. Hand sanitizer

19. Antibiotic ointment

20. Antiseptic solution

21. Thermometer

22. Surgical mask

23. Syringe

24. Medicine cup

25. First-aid manual

Having a home first aid kit in hand can help prevent an injury from worsening and may save you trips to a walk-in clinic or hospital. First aid kids can help the excessive blood loss (if any). You can provide temporary aid to someone who is injured, but depending on the severity, you may still need to summon emergency services.

Get discounted offers on emergency medical kit boxes in Dubai

Sehaaonline provides a comprehensive range of emergency medical kits like the ankle medical kit, and other large first aid kits in Dubai. We have exclusive offers and discounted prices on all the medical products. Get doorstep deliveries in the UAE and shop now.

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