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Affordable High-Quality Low Vision Aids in UAE

Sehaaonline offers various low vision products. The high quality and effectiveness make them the best low vision aids. They help visually impaired observers or readers in order to make their vision more effective. Sehaaonline is an e-ecommerce that has a wide range of low vision products like low vision magnifier, low vision aids for reading, stand magnifier low vision, low vision reading devices and other low vision equipment.

What are common benefits of using Low Vision Devices?

People with below medical conditions can benefit from low vision equipment

a) Glaucoma

b) Cancer of the eye

c) Albinism

d) Brain Injury

e) Othe inherited disorders of the eye including retinitis pigmentosa.

Types of low vision aids

a) Magnifiers

b) Reading glasses

c) Reading telescopes

d) Video Magnifiers

e) Electronic Magnifiers

How do low vision aids work?

Hand held magnifier is useful for brief "spot" reading and for portable use, such as reading a menu in a restaurant or prices in a store. They can be full-size or a small pocket magnifier, and can also have a bult-in bright light.

Stand magnifier is the simplest device for reading. When placed on a page, it automatically magnifies it for reading.

Magnifying reading glasses allow an individual to read for longer period of time. They also produce magnified images of small words and objects.

Tele microscopic glasses are made for tasks at near, rather than at distance like most telescope. It is used to read texts at near.

Video magnifier is an electronic magnifier that uses a camera and a screen to make text easier to read. The camera image will be magnified and the contrast can be increased, making it even easier to read.

Electronic magnifier is used to capture the image of text, pictures or other items and a monitor on the top side that displays the image.

Save more on low vision aids in Dubai, UAE

If you ever find yourself suffering from such conditions, you can always buy low vision aids online. Ensure that you take home the best low vision aids to ensure that they work effectively. You will be surprised how you will recover soon with their assistance. Sehaaonline sells low vison aids products from the best manufacturers in this industry.

How long it takes to deliver a low vison aid in UAE

Delivery time (Dubai): 24 hours

Delivery time beyond Dubai within UAE: 48 hours

Friendly Return Policy: We have a 7-day return and refund policy. To be eligible for a return, your low vison aids must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Some products are excluded, which means returns are not accepted.

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