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What are electrotherapy and electrotherapy devices?

Electrotherapy is a method involving electric energy to treat the affected areas of the body by inducing the current via electrodes. It mainly helps to treat or relieve pain and should be used under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist. Once you know the use and operation of an electrotherapy device, it can be utilized at home. Issues like muscle pain and arthritis are mainly treated with the help of physio electrotherapy. If you have chronic pain, muscle wasting, musculoskeletal injuries, and nerve pain, the electrotherapy pads can be directly attached to the area and cure the pain.

Benefits of a portable electrotherapy device

A portable electrotherapy device is non-invasive and has no side effects. It is easy to carry, portable, and compact. Other key benefits are as follows-

1. Helps in body pains

2. Alleviates nerve pain

3. Accelerates healing of injuries related to musculoskeletal

4. Heal wounds

5. Increases the blood circulation of the body

6. Relaxes the muscle spasms

For every injury, there is a specialized device made. You can shop for electrotherapy for pain in Dubai from Sehaaonline. The devices can treat all kinds of pain and can be namely called; electrotherapy for tendonitis, electrotherapy for lower back pain, electrotherapy for muscle pain, electrotherapy for an ankle sprain, electrotherapy for shoulder pain, electrotherapy for neck pain, electrotherapy for knee pain, electrotherapy for knee osteoarthritis, and plantar fasciitis electrotherapy.

Types of electrotherapy devices in Dubai

Sehaaonline has all kinds of electrotherapy devices for home use. We exclusively deal in the following-

1. TENS Electrotherapy - It is a small electrical device that delivers impulses through the skin via electrodes. Lower back pains, labor pains, and arthritis can be commonly treated with TENS machines.

2. EMS Electrotherapy - This machine focuses on the muscle groups and not on nerves. The operation is the same involving the use of electrodes. The motor neurons are stimulated for muscle contraction and can be used to treat muscle atrophy.

Sehaaonline has the finest team of manufacturers and sells devices at nominal standards. We deal in quality and sell the best to our customers. We deliver all over the UAE with safe shipments of your packages.

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