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What is a TENS machine?

A TENS machine or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a device operated by batteries to treat pain. Small electrical impulses are delivered to the electrodes present in a TENS unit. These electrodes have adhesive pads attached to the person’s skin.

With the help of these TENS unit pads, a flood of impulses is created in the nervous system and helps to soothe the pain. The pain signals are enabled to pass through the brain and spinal cord. Natural body pain relievers called endorphins are produced by the pain relief machine.

What is the use of a TENS therapy machine?

TENS therapy machine can treat the following symptoms-

1. Labor pains

2. Period pains

3. Joint pains

4. Postoperative pains

5. Neck and back pain

The following conditions can also be treated by physio TENS machine-

1. Arthritis

2. Multiple sclerosis

3. Endometriosis

4. Sport injuries

5. Fibromyalgia

6. Spinal cord injury

7. Painful diabetic neuropathy

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Benefits of home TENS machine

1. Home TENS machines are a non-invasive way of relieving pain.

2. Medicinal intake of painkillers can be reduced when people opt for TENS machines over drugs.

3. These devices are small, portable, and convenient to use. People can carry the machines in their pockets or clip on the waistband to ensure immediate access to relieve pain.

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Remember to avoid the use of TENS if-

1. You are pregnant - Women should avoid using the TENS machine in the pelvic and abdominal region.

2. You have Epilepsy - Seizures can be induced in the head or neck.

3. You have heart problems.

4. You are using a pacemaker or any other metal implant inside your body.

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