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Buy Patient Transfer Devices in UAE at the Best Prices!

Looking for patient transfer equipment for your healthcare facility, clinic, or home? Look no further then. Sehaaonine is a trusted online marketplace for finding the best patient transfer devices for disabled & elderly at the most affordable price.

What are Patient or Hospital Transfers?

These are medical equipment to transfer or move patients from one point to another like between ambulance and wheelchair, ambulance and stretcher, patient beds and wheelchair, patient beds and imaging table, wheelchair and bed (at home), and so on. 

Comfortable Hospital Transfers in UAE

Sehaaonline has a variety of patient handling belts, turntables for the elderly, seat cushions, stand lifters, sliding sheet patient transfers, seated transfer boards, and much more to help the transfer of a patient. We sell ergonomically designed patient transfer devices to add to the comfort of patients and the convenience of nursing staff and caregivers.

Best Deals on Patient Transfers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Looking for the best deals on patient transfer equipment? We have got you covered. You can select hospital transfers by size, type, weight endurance, and prices. Don’t miss to review the comfort and safety features available with the product you buy.

Sehaaonline offers the best deals on all patient transfer devices in the UAE for hospital and home use. We have patient transfer aids from trusted manufacturers like Parsons, PRISM MEDICAL-CANADA, Rehamo, and Sun-Shine.

Buy the best hospital transfers in UAE online now to save more.

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