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How can shoulder pulley equipment help you?

Shoulder Pulley equipment is an excellent choice to improve shoulder range and rotator cuff motion and movement after an injury or surgery. Shoulder pain or an after shoulder injury can be cured by the use of a physiotherapy shoulder pulley. It decreases the pain and improves the overall functioning of the shoulder muscle.

There are a lot of therapeutic modalities that can be used with the shoulder pulley like heat and ice therapy to decrease the pain. A doctor may also recommend a shoulder pulley exerciser- a device to activate the shoulder muscle that can improve your range of motion or ROM, mobility, and strength.

The common injuries that can cause shoulder pain are as follows-

1. Shoulder Bursitis

2. Frozen Shoulder

3. Dislocated Shoulder

4. Rotator Cuff Injury or Post Surgery

5. Proximal Humeral Fracture

Shoulder therapy Pulley is a way to restore the ROM to your shoulder. They are hanged over the door or can be tied to equipment to provide a subtle and passive range of motion to the shoulders.

Sehaaonline has different variants of shoulder pulleys like- overhead shoulder pulley (mainly for traps and triceps), shoulder door pulley (mainly for chest and shoulders), over the door pulley for shoulder rehab (to activate the muscle after a serious injury), and theraband shoulder pulley (for shoulder and traps).

What exercises can be practised by door shoulder pulleys?

Sehaaonline has a wide range of products of shoulder rope pulleys & over the door shoulder pulley exercises. You can practice the following by the best shoulder pulleys in Dubai-

1. Side raises - To activate the side shoulder muscles.

2. Front raises - The help in activating the upfront shoulder muscles.

3. Reverse Butterfly - This would work on your shoulder wings (back).

4. Military presses or clean and press - This will activate the overall shoulder muscle.

5. Shrugs and other variants - This will activate your traps and shoulder ball.

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