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What are continuous passive motion machines?

A continuous passive motion machine is a device motorized to move joints passively, through a pre-set range of movement motion. It is an exclusively used device in physiotherapy and can help to reduce joint stiffness and improve the range of motion. A CPM machine is commonly used post-surgery, or after an accident recovery.

Uses of continuous passive motion devices are as follows-

1. After knee replacement surgery

2. After elbow surgery

3. Post hip surgery

4. Post shoulder surgery

These are take-home devices recommended by doctors to aid in joint stiffness. If the joint stiffness is not treated in time, it can lead to scar tissue buildup and permanent impaired ROM.

Role Of CPM orthopedic machine

The CPM orthopedic machine helps in moving the joint without you voluntarily moving the muscles. They contract the negative effects of prolonged immobilization or a temporary disability. The regular use of the machine can improve your range of motion and help you move the joint. They are most commonly used after knee surgery. A CPM machine after knee surgery is highly recommended to get the range of motion going. It will help in faster recovery.

A CPM machine physiotherapy can also be beneficial to treat elbow, hip, and shoulder joints. Besides that, they can treat chronic non-specific back pains.

Where to get the best CMP machine price in Dubai

To get the best CPM machine price in Dubai, shop at Sehaaonline. We have specialized CPM for your different needs-

1. CPM machine after knee surgery in Dubai - They are especially used in knee reconstructive surgeries. It repairs the intra-articular knee fractures with rapid progress in ROM. Get the best deals from Sehaaonline for a CPM machine after knee replacement & knee recovery machine.

2. CPM machine after hip surgery- CPM use after arthroscopic surgery can improve hip flexion. It is commonly used after the correct hip impingement surgery.

3. Elbow CPM machine in the UAE- Sehaaonline has the best elbow CPM machine price in Dubai. It is recommended after elbow surgery. It can also help in correcting and healing wrist fractures.

4. CPM exercise machine for shoulders- It is recommended to use a CPM machine post shoulder surgery. It helps in improving the pain levels and functions. Sehaaonline has the best CPM physiotherapy machine price in Dubai.

5. CPM exercise machine for lower back- Sehaaonline has got the cure for your lower back pains. The CPM machines can help in mobilizing the back and treat chronic back pain. Sehaaonline delivers all over the UAE and deals with the best product quality.

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