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What is an EMS machine?

An EMS machine or an electrical muscle stimulator is a device mainly used for physiotherapy to relieve muscle pains. It stimulates muscle contractions and eases the muscles inside. Since it is a muscle stimulator machine, it mainly stimulates the areas electrically that have strains or aches. The electrical current is applied to specific areas of the body.

EMS muscle stimulator is a fitness technique and a physical therapy. The electrodes are directly attached to the skin by which the current is induced. One thing to note about the electrical muscle stimulation machine is the use of electrodes. The electrodes cannot be applied anywhere to the skin but specific muscle groups. Quadriceps are the most common muscle groups where the electrodes are used after knee surgery. An electric therapy for muscles can promote muscle growth by triggering repeated contractions. The tightening of the muscles can be short, long, or frequent. Hence these machines are also known as the EMS workout machines. The process is the same as voluntary strength training.

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Uses of EMS stimulator machine

1. EMS stimulator machine is used to give a head-start to muscle contractions. It is also called neuromuscular re-education.

2. They are exclusively found at fitness centers, rehabilitation clinics, and physical therapy camps. Sehaaonline sells EMS machines for home use in the UAE.

3. EMS machines should not be used to treat severe pains. They can damage the wound sites and incisions.

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