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Is Hydrotherapy a Type of Physiotherapy?

Hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy is a type of physiotherapy that is practiced in water. It is carried out in warm water and utilizes water properties. They can work physically, psychologically, and physiologically.

The therapy allows muscles relaxation and eases joint pains. It works on the principle of buoyancy where the water unloads the weight of the body. This in turn reduces the stress on joints and allows movement freely.

Case studies also prove that certain activities cannot be carried on land but water with the help of hydrotherapy. It has its neurological benefits.

Exercising in water can provide better posture support, eliminate the anxiety and fear of falling. It also increases limbs’ flexibility and body relaxation.

Benefits from Hand Bars and Aquatic Exercise Kits in Hydrotherapy-

1. Pain reliever

2. Muscle spasm reliever

3. Provides strength to weak muscles

4. Improved blood circulation

5. Improved body posture and balance

6. Muscle tone normalised

7. Confidence development

8. Relaxation

9. Improved cardiovascular fitness, respiratory functions, oedema reduction, and renal function improved.

Devices Used for Hydrotherapy

Sehaaonline provides a wide range of products in Dubai-

1. Theraband pulls buoy - The theraband pull buoy in Dubai can be exclusively shopped from Sehaaonline. It provides buoyancy to the lower body and engages upper body strength. It is available in 3 sizes and can be brought according to one’s needs.

2. Theraband Hand bars - It helps in increasing the range of motion on the upper and lower body parts. It helps to provide strength in the lower back, obliques, abdominal muscles, and improve flexibility in the rhomboid. There are 3 levels of resistance and can be bought according to one’s preference.

3. Aquafins aquatic exercise kit - This kit is all you need for proper hydrotherapy. It has cuffs and predator fins to make the swim easy. The aquatic kit can be worn at the wrist or ankles and provides full-body conditioning. The aquatic exercise kit is used to tone and strengthen the lower body and deadlift back, inner and outer quads, arms, chest, and upper rhomboid.

Get the Best Deals on Hydrotherapy in UAE

Sehaaonline provides the best range of hydrotherapy products in the UAE and provides the best quality. One can shop according to his or her needs. Our prices are pocket-friendly with delivery all over the United Arab Emirates.

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