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Buy an APM Mattress at the Best Price in UAE

Sehaaonline offers APM mattresses to help your patients prevent bedsores development. We have a portable & handy APM mattress with low power consumption. Recommended for bedridden patients, an APM air mattress is a must-have for your healthcare facility or home care. We have been a leading medical equipment supplier in the UAE with hundreds of satisfied clients across the Rehabilitation, Homecare, P&O, and other categories. 

What is an APM mattress?

An APM air mattress is a hospital bed mattress. It is also called medical or therapeutic mattresses because of their health benefits. It provides comfort and prevents side effects when patients remain immobile for long periods. This mattress distributes a person’s weight evenly across the length and width of the bed. 

Most of them are made up of waterproof and fire-resistant fabric. The convoluted top layer reduces pressure on bony parts of the body that may be more at risk of compression against the mattress.

Best Deals on APM air mattresses in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Sehaaonline has got the best APM mattress deals on premium products from APEX, Drive Devilbiss, and Novocare. 

We provide you with a seamless shopping experience when you visit our website. Whether you are using a mobile or desktop to buy an APM air mattress, we make your journey from search and selection to checkout flawless, fast and easy.

We deliver your medical air mattress to your preferred address in the UAE on time.

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