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Why do we need an AFO Night Splint?

AFO night splint brace is worn in the night. It is extremely useful to avoid the morning sore pains caused by the tightening of fascia tissue. The AFO night brace is only worn in the night and you can easily sleep in it. It also helps to treat problems like the Achilles tendon.

To wear a brace all night and be dependent on it, we need to provide the best quality and design for the person’s comfort and ease. Sehaaonline exclusively sells pediatric AFO night splints in Dubai that are easy to wear, provide support and desired comfort to the person.

The braces are the easiest and most effective way to treat any injury like a foot drop caused due to post-trauma or nerve failure.

How does the night time AFO work?

The equipment can help the person in the following ways-

1. The night time AFO in Dubai can help in treating plantar fasciitis pain. Its comforting properties provide ease and comfort to the person.

2. Wearing a night AFO brace, the foot is held in a particular position, called “dorsiflexion“. The fascia is stretched all night allowing no contraction.

3. The products from Sehaaonline are gentle and do not cause any skin irritation. We work and focus on quality.

4. The night AFO braces in the UAE are not heavy and can be worn easily.

The braces should be first worn for shorter intervals at night and be extended slowly. This will allow the user to get used to the bulk felt on the leg.

The night AFO brace improves the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. We recommend it to use as a day-night treatment for better results. After the night time AFO, the use of orthotic inserts, stretching, and icing during the day is also necessary.

Buy the best deals on paediatric AFO night splints in Dubai

Sehaaonline has the best deals on pediatric AFO night splints in Dubai. We work in the bulk-buying business and deliver the best quality products in an economic range. Our pocket-friendly products can be delivered all over the United Arab Emirates. We have an easy return policy or can exchange the product according to your comfort.

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