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What is an air walker boot?

Air walker boot is specially designed for people who have a compromised lower body mechanism and need support in performing day-to-day activities. The air cast boot has a pneumatic mechanism that gives a lot of benefits to the individual. This feature allows the person to fill air into the boot or pump it into the void space of the boot. The pump can help in reducing the pain and compressing the injury.

The aircast walker can control the swelling, helps to reduce the pain, and catalyst the healing time. It is made with such a design that it contours the legs all around and reduces the movement within your aircast walking boot or air walker brace.

Sehaaonline has an exclusive range of boots that can help you in walking, and performing other activities. They have the best range of air boots for fractures in Dubai with the finest quality and material.

When to use the walker boot?

Sehaaonline recommends using air select walking boot if you have the following injuries or problems-

1. Sprained ankles

2. Broken foot

3. Metatarsal stress fracture

4. Post-surgery injuries

5. Pressure sores

6. Toe fractures

The foot air cast boot can help you reduce the inflammation by protecting your leg and making you feel light around the injured area. Sehaaonline has the best short aircast boot or orthopedic air walker boot in the UAE. We work with well-known brands and manufacturers.

Special features of aircast achilles walker in Dubai

Sehaaonline’s range of walker boots are as follows-

1. It protects the foot and ankle area.

2. The pediatric aircast boot in Dubai has padded air cells that help in circulation and provide compression.

3. It can be used for both foot and ankle injuries. This includes sprains and fractures.

4. The contouring inside of the air select walking boot is comfortable and easy to wear.

5. The boots are easy to carry and can be stored anywhere.

The diabetic aircast boot and more can help you recover from your injury faster and effectively. It can give you a chance to walk around without bothering the fractured pr injured area. It can also serve in immobilizing the foot area.

These boots can be worn easily and are stylish to wear. These are lighter than the traditional casts. Sehaaonline delivers all over the United Arab Emirates with an easy return and exchange policy.

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