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What is the cause of Hallux Valgus Splint?

When you have a weak connective issue, you are more prone to hallux valgus splint. It can be caused due to accidents, and arthritis changes. A splint is worn to ease the pain off and gives room for your toes to breathe. The hallux valgus brace relieves the discomfort caused and cures the Hallux Valgus.

The main role of a hallux valgus night splint is to preserve the joint that is arthroscopy and fuse the joint that is arthrodesis.

This condition may lead your toes to move outwardly than their normal alignment and cause inflamed, painful, and swollen toes. A hallux valgus bunion corrector can provide support to the growing and painful, the inflamed protrusion in the metatarsophalangeal joint.

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Reasons to wear a hallux splint

Sehaaonline recommends hallux splint if you-

1. You have an enlarged and red ball formation at the metatarsophalangeal joint.

2. Big toes have limited flexibility and are stiff

3. You will need a brace hallux valgus if your big toe deviates towards an outer edge

4. The big toe is turned.

5. Metatarsus of the 2nd-4th toe and redness under the toes.

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Prevention of Hallux splint

We provide a guidebook with the product to help you understand better about the problem. If you are wearing a valguloc Bauerfeind or other braces, you should keep the following things in mind-

1. A hallux brace cannot be worn with high heels. If you want your hallux splint to be cured, avoid the pump-heels.

2. One should not wear alternate heel heights.

3. If you have a splint hallux valgus, we recommend you walking as barefoot as possible.

4. You should not work on your leg regime at the gym. Even minor muscle exercises can hamper your toes.

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