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What is are post operative shoes

Post-operative shoes are medical equipment used exclusively after a leg surgery or post-operative reason to protect the feet, toes, and ankles from injury. They are also called post surgical shoes or post foot surgery shoes or post op shoes. The post op boot is oversized with a hard surface. It has a hard sole, fabric or mesh sides, and adjustable straps. Sehaaonline sells the best quality post ankle surgery shoes & post surgery shoes in Dubai. They are open from the front to provide space to toes. The product makes the movement easy after a post-operation or surgery. You will be able to walk without the pain. Sehaaonline has a wide range of products and can provide you with the best comfort at the most reasonable prices. We provide care and a guidebook with our product. The post op ortho shoes are easy to use and provide good care post-surgery or surgery.

Application of the orthopedic shoes after surgery

1. It should be worn comfortably while sitting. The open toe surgical shoe can easily be placed inside the foot.

2. After the application, close the fabric or the mesh sides over the top of your feet.

3. The straps of the post op recovery shoe should be closed so that it does not snug. It should not be too tight.

4. The post op foot shoe should not restrict your blood flow and cut off the complete movement.

5. You should practice walking after the application and start with a few steps around.

Things to know after using the best post op shoe in Dubai

This product is specially made for the post-operative reason but listed are the few things to be taken care of-

1. One has to often check his or her foot using orthopedic shoes after surgery. The toes and feet should not have swelling or redness. If the toes have gone numb, swollen, or red, you need to adjust the straps. Over time when the swelling decreases, you can again tighten the straps for better comfort.

2. The orthopedic post op shoe may be slippery and should be carefully worn on wet surfaces.

3. Consult your doctor on when to remove these shoes. You can use it while bathing by covering it in plastic wrap.

Sehaaonline gives a proper guidebook for the instructions on how to use a medical post op shoe in the UAE. No matter if you are using the product as a walking shoe after foot surgery or shoes for post bunion surgery, we have the care instructions as per your need.

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