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What is a silicone sole?

A silicone sole is specially designed to provide and give comfort to the feet. The silicone shoe sole has superior comforting qualities and soft relief zones. It reduces the impact on the feet and provides cushion comfort.

The silicone arch support helps to reduce the impact on the feet, knees, and spine. If you want a silicone foot insole for better comfort and fitting in Dubai, Sehaaonline has got your back. These silicone arch support shoe inserts in Dubai provide even distribution throughout the feet.

Sehaaonline’s silicone shoes sole has the following attributes-

1. Proper anatomical shape and size for even weight distribution. The silicone gel insoles reduce peak loading and strain on muscles and tendons.

2. The silicone arch support shoe inserts act as a pain reliever. It relieves pressure at the base of the calcaneus.

3. The silicone shoe inserts have an ergonomic design. It provides optimal thickness and effective cushion comfort. One can easily put it on with the shoes.

Reasons to wear silicone heel inserts

Here are the reasons one may need to wear silicone heel inserts in Dubai-

1. Diabetic Foot

2. Plantar and Heel pain

3. Corn, warts, and other skin problems

4. Prophylactic use in Jogging or sports

5. helps to distribute body weight evenly

6. Active Geriatrics

7. shock absorption for instant pain relief caused by heels or arthritis

Sehaaonline has a fit for every issue. We have silicone heel pads for plantar fasciitis, silicone insoles for heels, silicone sole for heel pain, silicone gel pads for shoes,  silicone insoles with medial arch support, and much more. They can easily absorb the pain and provide you the utmost comfort in the heel region. If you wear the insoles regularly, they can make the pain go away. The pain may be temporary or permanent but a good quality silicone sole can ease it out.

Grab the best deals on silicone foot insole in the UAE

If you are looking for the best quality products online, then we are the perfect fit for you. We believe in the bulk buying business and work with the finest of manufacturers. Sehaaonline delivers silicone foot insoles and more all over the UAE. Our easy return and exchange policy can help you if you have any issues regarding the product. We would be happy to serve you.

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