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What is a Resting Hand Orthosis or Wrist Hand Orthosis?

A resting hand orthosis or a wrist hand orthosis is medical equipment that is used to provide stability and support to the hand (wrist and hand). It may be caused due to accidental causes and result in muscle sprains, fractures (usually hairline), or maybe due to arthritis, and related to age factors.

The orthosis hand brace in Dubai can be bought from Sehaaonline. We have the widest range of products and can provide aid after surgery or post-operative needs. It keeps your hand in a neutral position or resting position.

The main role of the dynamic wrist hand orthosis is to immobilize the hand and position the wrist, fingers, and thumb in a functional state. Contracture of the hand can be prevented while keeping the hand in a neutral position.

Benefits and Features of Orthotic Hand Splints in Dubai

Sehaaonline has the best orthotic hand splints in Dubai. Some of the key benefits and features are as follows-

1. They have soft interfaces that provide the user easy comfort and lower down skin irritation.

2. The hand finger orthosis braces can be adjusted according to your needs. The straps are adjusting and can be tightened without sacrificing comfort.

3. Sehaaonline has several styles available for hand braces. It can be fitted with a progressive positional device or static positional device.

4. It can be used for conditions like contractures, wrist drop, radial nerve injury, or palsy.

5. The elbow wrist hand orthosis braces have compression qualities that can heal your injuries faster. The compression also promotes blood circulation. It helps to give warmth inside the muscles and provides room for healing.

6. The optimal warmth and heat are well provided by the orthosis hand supporters in Dubai.

Shop the Best Deals on Resting Hand Orthosis in UAE

Sehaaonline offers a wide range of products in the medical healthcare department. Our manufacturers know that we desire the best for our clients. We sell the most quality graded products for wrist hand finger orthosis and more. Our delivery is working all over the UAE, shop away now. Sehaaonline can serve you the best according to your needs and comfort.

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