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What kind of thumb splint or thumb brace is used to treat thumbs?

A thumb splint or thumb brace is a type of orthopedic splint. It is applied to minimize the movement of the injured thumb. The thumb support brace also provides support and comfort by stabilizing the injury of the thumb. The thumb stabilizer allows movement of the other fingers at ease and only immobilizes the joint. It will reduce the pain and help the injury to heal faster.

One may need a thumb abduction splint for the following reasons-

1. When you have an injury or fracture of the anatomical snuffbox and thumb. A good thumb fracture brace can help to heal the injury faster.

2. When you have ligament injuries and inflammation.

3. When you have inflammation of the tendon, you need to wear a thumb wrap.

4. When you have an injury between the index finger and the thumb, resulting in swelling and inability to grasp any object. This condition is also categorized as a Gamekeeper or skier’s thumb. Good thumb support can help.

5. Conditions like Tenosynovitis- An inflammation of the tendon sheath may occur in the wrist, hand, and foot. It can be caused by trauma, playing racquet, joint overuse, or any other injection.

Shop for the best broken thumb splint in the UAE

We aim to aid the recovery and well-being of your loved ones. Sehaaonline is pleased to serve the best broken thumb splint in the UAE. We have a comprehensive range of products and equipment. All the medical thumb splints at Sehaaonline are a comprehensive portfolio of reliable, high-quality, and aimed at aiding your recovery.

Choosing the right thumb brace

It is very important to choose a right thumb joint brace in Dubai. Sehaaonline has a wide range of products that offer and caters to different needs of wearing a brace. You can first look at the right size or fit for the product. If the size does not fit you, it might cause discomfort and lead to more skin irritation. The quality of the thumb joint splint should be latex-free and standard graded. We at Sehaaonline focuses a lot on quality.

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