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What is a wrist splint used for?

A wrist splint or wrist support or wrist brace is medical equipment that looks like a fingerless glove. Its role is to stabilize the wrist from moving and keep it straight. It can be bent to the back position and provides stability to the wrist. The wrist support band minimizes and reduces the pressure on the median nerve. It provides you a period of relative rest from movements. These wrist support straps aid carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can wear these braces for at least 4 to 8 weeks until the symptoms. If you are planning to wear a medical wrist brace at night, it will decrease swelling and lessen the pressure on nerves. For this, one has to choose the best quality wrist stabilizer. Sehaaonline deals with the most standard graded medical products. They have a variety of wrist support for arthritis, wrist support for tendonitis to wrist support band for pain, and wrist splint for fracture in Dubai.

What type of injuries require wearing a wrist splint brace?

The wrist stabilizer or wrist splint brace in Dubai is for those people who need support and protection for painful, swollen, or weak joints. The conditions it can treat are as follows-

1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2. Wrist support for tendonitis

3. Wrist support for arthritis

4. Wrist splint for fracture

5. Sprains

6. Strains

It is a lightweight metal palmar bar running under the wrist to the palmar crease. The medical wrist wraps prevent the wrist from bending.

Features of the medical wrist splint in Dubai

1. It is supported and held in a neutral position. This reduces the strain on tendons. It can hence aid in the carpal tunnel syndrome that provides optimum support without pressing the median nerve.

2. The ortho wrist support restrains the wrist from flexing, pain, and experiencing numbness.

3. It can be worn while playing all kinds of sports activities and provides a full range of motion.

4. The wrist forearm support has no metal splint. It gains its support through elasticated straps. This provides the required compression.

5. It is mainly made from neoprene, elastic, cotton, and foam wrist supporters.

Grab the best wrist braces in Dubai

Sehaaonline has the best range of wrist braces in Dubai. We deal with the finest manufacturers and deliver medical goods all over the UAE. With easy return and exchange policies, we work towards serving the best to our clients.

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