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What does a Pavlik Harness do?

A pelvic harness or Pavlik harness is a soft splint that is exclusively used to treat the newborn with developmental dysplasia of the hip or DDH. The hip dysplasia keeps the thigh open or spreads apart by keeping the hips and knee bent. If your baby has a broken thigh bone or femur, you can use the Pavlik brace to correct the alignment.

Sehaaonline sells the widest range of Pavlik harness braces in Dubai. It can help your babies to get their bones aligned. It can be put on for straight 24 hours a day for 8-12 weeks.

Once the Pavlik harness treatment is over, and X-ray can be performed to tell the status of the bone.

Features and benefits of pavlik harness-Newborn in Dubai

Sehaaonline has a wide range of Pavlik harness newborns in Dubai. The following are some of the eye-catching features of the same-

1. It can treat a kid with DDH.

2. They are comfortable to wear and are anti-rash.

3. Your infant will not feel uncomfortable. The Pavlik harness strap adjustment enables the user to adjust the strap according to the comfort of the infant.

4. It is made with soft-cushion properties.

5. You can put the Pavlik brace on a diaper.

6. It is baby-skin friendly.

7. It can align the baby’s ligament to get tightened easily.

It is normal if your infant has a loose hip joint. It may get resolved on its own but by wearing the Pavlik hip harness the process gets accelerated. The Pavlik harness is also used for femur fractures in infants younger than six months. It will keep the leg bone of the baby firm and provide room for healing.

Sehaaonline delivers all over the UAE with an easy return and exchange policy. With the most promising Pavlik harness cost in Dubai, we believe in the bulk-buying business.

Precautions before using the pavlik harness

One should take the following precautions before using a Pavlik harness for children-

1. Look for any skin breakdown or dermatitis in the lower body. If your baby is developing any, you need to adjust the band properly.

2. You have a lack of treatment.

3. The incorrect Pavlik harness brace may cause nerve damage in the leg or shoulder.

4. A decreased blood supply can lead to bone breakdown. Always look for the correct size of the brace.

By comprehending the given precautions, a Pavlik brace can be really useful for the infant. Follow our guide given with the product for more information.

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