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What is a ROM knee support?

A ROM knee support is used for ROM control or post-operative immobilization. If you have injured or operated collateral and cruciate ligament damage, a ROM knee brace can help. If you are looking for the best quality ROM brace in Dubai, Sehaaonline has got your back. It has a polycentric hinge design to activate the proper movement of the knee. The hinged knee brace ROM also provides excellent collateral stabilization. It has long side-bars providing varus and valgus deviation.

The main role of ROM knee support is to provide a customized range of motion. This will control and restrict the flexion and extension of the knee joint. The hinged knee brace ROM has a multi-joint fixation system that allows ROM and restricts the movement of the affected area. The ROM knee braces in the UAE are made from the best universal designs that can help in orthopedic problems associated with knee joints in specific and the lower limb.

Get the best ROM knee brace price in Dubai

To control and restrict the degree of flexion of the knee joint, it is important to buy the best ROM knee brace price in Dubai. It should be affordable and qualitative. For your comfort, use, and support, Sehaaonline serves both roles. Our multi-point fixation system allows the finest range of motion to our customers. It helps in the immobilization of the knee that will help to heal the affected area. The comfort fabric allows the proper blood circulation inside the muscles and joints. The adjustable ROM knee brace in the UAE can be used for multiple orthopedic problems. Sehaaonline delivers ROM knee braces all over the UAE and has an easy refund and exchange policy.

Features and benefits

Sehaaonline’s hinged knee brace ROM has multiple benefits-

1. It has easy ROM angle adjustments.

2. Controlled motion with immobilization.

3. ROM is made from 0 to 120 degrees on all the braces with a hyperextension from 0 to 60 degrees.

4. Easy to use and provide good aesthetics.

5. It has a pull-up mechanism with an effective grip and cushion comfort.

The ROM brace can fit all. Sehaaonline serves a lot of variations to choose from.

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