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Best Affordable Alzheimer’s Patient Aids in UAE

Looking for medical-grade Alzheimer’s patient products at the most affordable price in the UAE? There can’t be a better place than Sehaaonline. We are the #1 Medical Equipment Company in the UAE with a proven record of serving hospitals, rehabilitation centres, P&O and other facilities with our Alzheimer’s or dementia patients’ devices.

What are Alzheimer's or dementia patients’ aids?

This is a special category of products and devices aimed at alleviating the problems and risks of patients struggling with Alzheimer and dementia. These diseases lead to neurologic disorders and patients experience a decline in thinking, behavioural and social skills. The patients are at the risk of getting lost even in the most familiar places. They forget the names of family members and everyday objects. They find it difficult to perform routine tasks without any assistance. The dementia patient’s equipment or supplies help them reduce some of the challenges and live a better life.

Popular categories of Alzheimer or dementia patients’ supplies

ADL Cutlery and Utensil: These aids for daily living ensure better gripping while consuming food. They lower the pressure on the hand while in use

Pill Reminder: Help the patients to take their medicines timely with pill reminder, one of the most Alzheimer’s patient Accessories.

Alarm: Keep the alarm system close to your patient or loved one and keep a watch on them. It helps you reduce the risk of falls or slip.

Exclusive deals on dementia or Alzheimer’s patient devices in Dubai

We reduce your medical expenses on safety devices for Alzheimer's patients or dementia patients’ products. Get access to the top deals and offers on Alzheimer or dementia patients’ devices & dementia patients’ Accessories.

We provide speedy and safe delivery of Alzheimer’s patient supplies & Alzheimer’s patient equipment in Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain in the UAE.

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