1. The accompanying Terms and Conditions apply to the relationship between Sellers or potential Sellers of products through the Website( and NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC. They ought to be perused in conjunction with Our Website Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy, which additionally apply to the relationship in between You and NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ  LLC. By providing products and its details to NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC and asking for Us to offer them on the site You are showing acknowledgment of the Terms expressed on this page. The Terms might be modified at any given time without any prior notification. You are advised to consequently visit this page to keep Yourself updated with the present Terms.


2. In these Terms the accompanying definitions should apply:

a. “NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC”, "NeoShine Healthcare Alliance ", “Us”, “We” and “Our” means NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC ,an organization enlisted in RAK Free Zone, United Arab Emirates

b. “Seller”, “You”, and “Your” means the individual who is the proprietor of an Item(s) on whose behalf We are selling;

c. “Item(s)” implies any product and its information provided by You to Us with a perspective of it being sold by means of the NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC's Website(;

d. “Listing Price” implies the cost at which an Item is recorded on the NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC Website;

e. “Original Listing Price” implies the cost at which an Item was initially recorded on the NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC Website;

f. “Start Date” implies the date on which an Item is initially showcased on the NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC Website;

g. “Terms” implies these Seller Terms and Conditions; and

h. “NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC Website” or “Site” implies Our site


3. In submitting Items You are requesting Us to offer the pertinent Item for Your benefit.

4. In showcasing and/or offering any Item through the Website We are acting exclusively in Our ability as Your agents.

5. Listing the Products

a. Inside of Seven working days of Us getting Your Item(s) with its detailed descriptions and pictures/photographs, We will get in touch with You by email to affirm whether We are willing to sell the Item(s) and at what Listing Price. In this email will be a connection to Your Account where the Item(s) that We are willing to sell will be listed. In the event that You dismiss the Listing Price We have the right to offer another Listing Price at Our sole prudence, however are not bound to. On the off chance that We get no reaction from You inside of 14 days of Our sending the email containing the Listing Price We should expect You have not acknowledged the Listing Price and Your Item(s) will not be listed on our Website.
We might, at Our supreme tact, decline to acknowledge any Item available to be purchased.

b. Once You are registered on Our Website, You can also List the Item(s) on Your own through Our front-end of the Website. However, there will be a certain amount of commission that We will charge on the sale of every item sold through Our Website.
Authorization Letter to sell the Item(s)

6. An Authorization Letter for the Item(s) that You wish to be Listed on Our Website must be sent to Us, at Your alternative:

7. We shall arrange a courier service to collect the Authorization Letter(s) from You. The courier company will reach You to gather the required documents from Your location. The charge of collecting the required documents will be connected to Your account and will be deducted from either Your account balance or Your first sale; or

8. You can also arrange Your own delivery service to deliver the required documents to us at the following address: NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC , Level 27&29, Marina Plaza, Dubai, United Arab Emirates at Your own expense.

9. Whether collected by Our courier service or delivered by Your own delivery service, it is Your obligation to guarantee that the documents are securely packed with the goal that it reaches us in good condition.

10. In the chance of We arrange the collection of the documents it is Your obligation to guarantee that the document is available for gathering on the day of collection. In the event that Our courier is unable to collect the required documents due to unavailability of the responsible person at the provided person, or You have given an wrong or incomplete address, We maintain all authority to make a sensible charge for any repeat collection trip.

11. An Agreement between You and NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC to sell an Item on Your behalf comes into existence at the moment the required documents are received and reviewed by Us, such Agreement being governed by these Terms to the exclusion of all other Terms, conditions and representations whether written or oral.

12. By sending an authorization letter to Us You are affirming that:

a. You are the legitimate proprietor of the Item being referred to and You have full power to offer the Item without any other individual’s consent (or that You have gotten any fundamental authorization); or

b. You are offering things in the interest of another person, You have the proprietor’s consent to offer the Item in Your own name as if the Item were Your own;

c. the Item can be legally sold to buyers in the United Arab Emirates;

d. the Item is not stolen or fake;

e. the Item is in new or like new condition; and

f. on the off chance that the Item has been used, it has been cleaned and has no stains, stamps or blames.


13. We should be entitled, at Our outright circumspection, to reject any Item for any reason, during this occasion We will notify You about the rejected item(s) via email.

14. In the event that We acknowledge any Item, We shall have the rights to act as Your agents to offer the Item on these Terms.

15. Things will be showcased on the Website by method for a title description gave by Us, the Listing Price, and at least one photo provided by You. We might revise the portrayal whenever until the Item is sold.

16. Copyright in Our title description of the Item and the photograph(s) of it, and in any other marketing/promotional material We create in connection to the Item should fit in with Us. You should not replicate, nor grant any other person to imitate, such composed depiction, photograph(s) or advertising/promotional material without Our former composed assent.

17. We might showcase the Item at the Original Listing Price for no less than eight weeks from the Start Date, unless the Item is sold.

18. The Listing Price is an appraisal just of the value We think the Item may sensibly get having analyzed the Item, keeping its condition in consideration. We don’t make any representation or give any confirmation that the Item will be sold at the Listing Price or at all.

19. Subsequent to the Item having been recorded on the Website for eight weeks, the Listing Price of the Item might likewise be liable to one of Our special deals and might be decreased by a further sum.

20. We will showcase all Items on Our Website until sold or else removed by Us. We claim all authority to stop advertising an unsold Item whenever if We wish, at Our sole carefulness.

21. You might ask for Us to stop showcasing an Item whenever before We have acknowledged an offer from a purchaser to buy it, and return it to You. We will stop showcasing the Item, and it will be pulled back from the Website in three working days of receipt of Your solicitation.


22. When We offer an Item We should tell You by email.

23. Where an Item is returned by a purchaser to Us in accordance with such returns policy that We work for purchasers, We will send the product back to the address from where it was initially picked up.We will again list the Item on the Website at the same Listing Price at which the Item was initially sold.

24. We will retain certain percent of the total amount received from sale of the Item by method of commission. This commission will depend on the product category where You have listed Your products. On the off chance that the Item is not returned back to Us by the buyer within 7 working days after delivery is made, We shall dispatch the equalization of the returns of offer to You less whatever other pertinent charges accommodated in these Terms or brought about by Us in connection to the Item, within 21 working days after the Item has been delivered to the purchaser. These amount will be moved into Your account.

25. Your account balance can be transferred in one of the following ways:

a. You can ask for transferring all or a portion of Your balance into any UAE bank account when you pending amount is AED 1000 or more.In the event that You don’t have a UAE bank account, You can set one up and after that transfer the sum into it;

b. You can transfer all or a portion of Your parity into Your PayPal account when you pending amount is AED 1000 or more. In the event that You don’t have a Paypal account, You can set one up and after that transfer the into it;

c. You can ask for a cheque to be sent to You in the event that you are in the UAE, have a bank account in the UAE and the sum You are asking for is more than 1000 AED. Courier charges incurred to send the cheque will be on You.


26. We shall not be liable:

a. for any incorrectness, mistake, mis-portrayal or exclusion in any description of an Item promoted on the Website or otherwise;

b. in connection to the setting of the Listing Price of any Item;

c. for any inability to sell any Item; or

d. for any misfortune or harm emerging from any intrusion to the operation of the Website for any reason, for every situation whether emerging from Our negligence or otherwise.

27. Without bounds degree allowed by law, We shall not be obligated to You, whether under these Terms, in contract, tort (counting carelessness), breach of statutory duty, or something else, for any loss of benefits, loss of business opportunity, squandered consumption, goodwill, notoriety or income or for any indirect consequential or economic loss or damage whatsoever howsoever arising out of or in connection with these Terms, the performance of the Website or any breach of the Terms by Us.
28. Our total risk to You under these Terms might be constrained to a total comparable to:

a. the Listing Price at which the Item was showcased on the Website quickly preceding the demonstration or exclusion by Us offering ascend to a case by You; or

b. the Listing Price provided if the Item was never showcased on the Website; or

c. the market value of the Item, if We never proposed a Listing Price for the Item.

29. The limitation in clauses 26, 27 and 28 might not have any significant bearing to restrict Our risk if and to the extent that We have been liable of extortion or deceptive nature, or in connection to a case for death or individual damage coming about because of Our negligence.

30. We shall not be liable to You for any loss or damage arising as a result of Our being prevented from performing Our obligations under these Terms by reason of circumstances beyond Our reasonable control.


31. You may not assign or transfer Your rights and/or obligations under these Terms or any agreement into which these Terms are incorporated.

32. No person other than NeoShine Healthcare Alliance FZ LLC or a Seller shall have any right to enforce any of these Terms or any agreement into which these Terms are incorporated.

33. These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with UAE law.

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